Seriously Powerful Protection For Any Workload With Universal Shares

Protection January 14, 2021

In NetBackup 8.3, Veritas broadened universal Share support with BYO support and easy implementation in the NetBackup web interface. Universal shares support both NDMP and CIFS as well as user quotas and Active Directory integration.

Initially introduced for appliances only, Universal Shares is a MSDP feature that allows you to provision deduplication-backed storage on the NetBackup server as secure shares, thereby protecting databases or other workloads where no agent or backup API exists. You can also use Universal Share as NAS to store data using compression and deduplication with full API support and centralized management of shares.

A significant feature of Universal Shares is the use of Protection Points to solve for Backup Admin requirements while giving DBAs or other workload owners a backup target that fits their protection requirements. This is because Universal Share isn’t just a NAS target with industry-leading deduplication. Universal Shares can instantly map the file data in a shared location to a portable, perfectly normal NetBackup image. With this image, the Backup admin can fulfill 3-2-1 data copy requirements, Lifecycle management, and cloud migration of Application data with absolutely no impact to the workload admin’s day to day protection activities and requirements.

With Universal Share, customers can not only have a solid dump point for applications, or a reliable deduplication NAS target, they also can create instant NetBackup backups at any point in time with all the optimized portability and features that come with NetBackup images. Best of all, this can sit on any supported MSDP platform without any additional services, giving them full deduplication across both the share data and their backup data.

John Hink
Senior Principle Product Manager, Enterprise Data Protection
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