Flex Appliances 2.0.1 Delivers Ransomware Protection

Protection July 15, 2021

NetBackup Flex 2.0.1 added two new family members – the Flex 5250 and Flex 5350 and a set of new software features - VM instant access, universal share (NFS and SMB), static router configuration, and supportability enhancements. 

According to the May 20, 2021 edition of the Harvard Business Review, the ransomware attacks were up 150 percent in 2020, and the number of victims who paid increased more than 300 percent. As a recent article in Wired illustrates, no organization, company, or country is immune from the growing risk of ransomware attacks across the world. Is your company ready for the attack?

Two New Platforms

This explosion in ransomware is why the release of NetBackup Flex 2.0.1 is so important to Veritas customers. NetBackup Flex 2.0.1 brings ransomware resiliency to the new 5250 mid-range appliance platform, our most popular and highest-volume appliance. The new NetBackup Flex 5350 Appliance delivers three times the performance of its predecessor, making it the solution of choice for consolidating the most demanding core data center workloads.

New NetBackup 9.1 innovation right out of the box

NetBackup Flex Appliance utilizing the new Flex 2.0.1 software runs the latest release of NetBackup right out of the box. Customers can immediately apply the comprehensive new features and innovation in NetBackup 9.1 – which was publicly announced on June 15 – that increases our ransomware resiliency leadership with:

  • New AI-powered anomaly detection and alerting.
  • New, stronger encryption for data in transit that’s both faster and more secure.
  • New immutability across Amazon S3 preventing data in the cloud from compromise.

NetBackup software provides the industry’s broadest support for protecting Kubernetes environments and Stun Free backups and Instant Rollback for VMware, to name a few.

Flex 2.0.1 New Features

Not only does NetBackup Flex 2.0.1 software fully support NetBackup 9.1, but it also brings Instant Access for VMware and Universal Shares to NetBackup Flex Appliances.

  • With Instant Access, customers can directly recover data from a VM backup safely locked down in immutable storage on a NetBackup Flex Appliance, speeding agentless recovery for VMware environments. Check the Instant Access Demo
  • Universal Shares significantly improves database backups by streamlining the dump and sweep process. With Flex 2.0.1, DBAs gain the benefits of ransomware resilient Flex Appliances. Check the Universal Share Demo

Flex 2.0.1-based appliances deliver the industry’s best ransomware protection and a complete family of appliances to customers at a time when they need it most – with ransomware protection so critical these days, the new, enhanced NetBackup Flex Appliance family is absolutely the right product at the right time.   Check out the Veritas.com NetBackup Flex page, where you can also learn more about the new family of NetBackup Flex Appliances.

Rachel Zhu
Senior Principal Technical Marketing, SDS and Appliances
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