Flex Appliance API Integration with Grafana

Protection December 15, 2020

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software. Veritas Flex Appliances' public APIs allow customers and developers to integrate customized codes into Veritas products. You can find Flex Appliance APIs at Flex Appliance Product API Documents.

Grafana is an open-source analytics & monitoring solution and allows you to query, visualize, and understand your metrics. The Prometheus monitoring system includes a rich, multidimensional data model, a concise and powerful query language (PromQL), an efficient embedded time-series database, and was accepted into the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Streamline operations improve user experience and enable customers to access performance data and create graphic diagrams with Grafana Prometheus data source. 

You can use Flex Appliances APIs with Grafana Prometheus Data Source to create, explore, and share usage and performance dashboards. I have recorded a short demo on how to set up Grafana and create your first dashboard. 

Veritas created a set of predefined Flex metrics, for example flex_storage_total_spaceflex_storage_total_used_space. You can create dashboards at the Grafana webpage with API. 

Jane Zhu
SVP, Corporate Operations
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