Embrace Unified Cyber Resilience with Veritas 360 Defense


Protecting your business technology against an evolving array of cyber risks and security concerns is a big challenge that requires an advanced multi-layered cyber defense strategy.  Are you confident in your ability to protect and recover your IT services in the event of a cyber-attack?  Veritas 360 Defense is a comprehensive and proven strategy to keep your applications and data safe and highly available – using native functionality that offers immutability, indelibility, and resiliency to protect against cyber-attacks. Veritas 360 Defense helps you deliver IT services that are secure, resilient, and quickly recoverable while providing the smooth experience that your end users expect.

Veritas 360 Defense is a multi-faceted, extensible cyber resiliency and data protection architecture focused on 3 principles:

  • Strengthening Cyber Defense – provide an advanced layer of protection for production applications based on secure data management optimized for fast recovery.  An additional layer of protection provides advanced backup and recovery services that include integrated anomaly detection and security-hardened appliances that simplify operations and ensure data security
  • Preventing Data Loss – real-time operational intelligence, insights, and tools for malware detection and risk management for both production and backup data footprints
  • Confident Recovery – ensure business continuity and application high availability with fast optimized recovery, integrated security, data immutability and automated event-based system management

Figure 1 is an overview of the Veritas 360 Defense comprehensive and extensible cyber-resiliency and data protection architecture that protects your business against cyber-attacks and unplanned downtime.    

Figure 1. Veritas 360 Defense for your IT services

Strenghten Cyber Defense

Ensuring that your cyber defense strategy is both comprehensive and flexible is key to successfully managing threats, avoiding unplanned downtime, and preventing data loss and corruption.  The Veritas 360 Defense strategy helps strengthen your cyber defense capability with a focus on:

  • Securing primary data – run your applications on a secure file system (SecureFS) that allows you to easily create checkpoints and designate both files and checkpoints as immutable so they cannot be modified
  • Primary data isolation – keep production data safe using advanced isolation functionality where you can easily mirror production data volumes and isolate it from I/O, with optimized recovery using native functionality designed to bring applications online quickly when needed
  • Secure data protection – backup and recovery for your data with automated malware scanning and anomaly detection that will detect and eliminate threats. Security-hardened appliances optimize and simplify your data protection operations and are an additional layer of protection against malware and cyber-attacks
  • Secure Boot - Ensures that systems are more secure by enforcing a signature check before booting. This integration prevents malicious or modified software from being introduced into your system during the re-boot process.

The following graphic is an example of how you can secure your primary data using the Veritas secure file system.

Figure 2. Veritas SecureFS provides immutability and fast recovery for your primary data

Ransomware Rollback Recovery

The ability to quickly restore from immutable snapshots provides a robust way to ensure production applications can be recovered quickly to a known-good state.

Real-time visibility into your data and infrastructure is key.  Seconds matter, and understanding what risks and threats are present in your environment in the minimum amount of time allows you to take action to remediate the threat and prevent any data loss or corruption.

Veritas 360 Defense includes in-depth real-time operational intelligence and insights that can help you detect cyber threats and take appropriate actions to keep your data safe.  It provides:

  • IT Analytics – is a single pane of glass solution that provides operational insights and intelligence with dashboards designed to identify unprotected systems as well as anomalies with data protection operations
  • Data Visibility – real-time monitoring of your primary data with malware detection using native templates and policies that can identify known malware extensions and automatically act.  Minimize malware damage by discovering over-exposed data.
  • Anomaly Detection – quickly detect anomalies in the backup workflow in real-time while backups are running and isolate backups with malware. Integrated malware scanning can be automated based on anomaly detection scores to ensure that your data is safe and free of malware prior to recovery.

In Figure 2 you can see an example of how Veritas provides recommendations to help secure your data based on analytics designed to detect anomalies and potential malware.

Figure 2. Ransomware assessment dashboard provides recommendations to help reduce risks

Confident Recovery

Optimized recovery and resiliency functionality is another key component in the Veritas 360 Defense strategy. Ensuring that your production applications and data are resilient and easily recoverable helps you deliver a premier experience for your end users.

Veritas 360 Defense provides a layer of business continuity and resiliency for your applications and is designed to help ensure your systems are easily and quickly recoverable in the event of a cyber-attack or malware infiltration.  Confidently recover from a wide array of threat vectors with several benefits:

  • Application resiliency – manage application-aware high availability and disaster recovery with support for nearly any RPO and RTO while also using 360 Defense security and protection features such as the Veritas SecureFS in parallel
  • Orchestration and recovery automation – automate the recovery of a nearly any type of application, including complex multitier applications that spans multiple systems.  In the event of a cyber-attack, this provides faster recovery and minimizes application downtime
  • Isolation and rapid recovery – easily create isolated recovery environments for data protection operations on-premises or in the cloud to reduce the risk of data loss, with automated recovery capability and scalability that can easily accommodate growing data footprints

In Figure 3, you can see an example of how to create an Isolated Recovery Environment using turn-key security-hardened Veritas appliances.

Figure 3. The Veritas 360 Defense isolated recovery environment helps ensure malware-free recovery


As cyber threats and attacks evolve to become more sophisticated and commonplace, having multiple layers of security is more important than ever.  Veritas 360 Defense is a comprehensive and extensible framework that helps keep protect your IT services and keep them online. While implementing a holistic cyber resiliency strategy can be challenging, Veritas 360 Defense integrates seamlessly into your environment to give you the best defense against malware and unplanned downtime.   

Learn more about the Veritas 360 Defense strategy today. 

Tom Kozlowski
Principal Solution Architect SDS and Appliances