Detect and Recover: Taking on Ransomware with Confidence

Protection March 11, 2021

Ransomware is a big business. Bad actors are motivated to innovate new ways to penetrate an organization’s infrastructure and grind it to a halt. Even with significant effort by system and backup administrators to protect corporate data, ransomware and malicious insiders can still get through and impact a company’s most critical data. The best defense against it is a holistic, multi-layered, and comprehensive strategy.

NetBackup, the #1 enterprise backup and recovery solution, offers a unified set of tools to protect, detect, and recover quickly and efficiently. Last week, I shared detail on our proactive solutions that protect your environment. Let’s dive into how Veritas’ solutions can help you detect and recover from a ransomware attack.   

Monitor and mitigate threats with the combined, proactive power of NetBackup with APTARE IT Analytics and Data Insights. Together, they use machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics to provide a holistic view of your environment, driving insights, backup detection capabilities, and abnormalities in the data. 
Our solutions help unify insights into a single comprehensive view, providing end-to-end visibility across all storage, backup, and cloud vendors. They offer valuable peace of mind by confirming that critical systems are backed up and off-site copies are made. Plus, by organizing and visualizing your entire infrastructure by location, environment and application, you can be certain your insights are actionable. Want to learn more? 

  • With out-of-the-box reports, alerting, and the ability to identify false positives, APTARE™ IT Analytics helps you continually monitor and mitigate threats. Watch a demonstration video.  
  • Reduce risk with Data Insight, which provides malware and anomalous behavior detection, policy-based monitoring and alerting, custom ransomware-specific query templates, and file extension identification.  

NetBackup has been synonymous with resiliency and recovery at scale for literal decades. We often hear from our customers that they have near- or 100-percent success rates for data restoration. Engineered to protect the largest and most demanding multi-cloud and data center environments, NetBackup provides a variety of recovery methods that ensure the flexibility required for a speedy recovery, helping you create a strategy that’s operational and business resilient. With Continuous Data Protection, Instant Access, Cloud and On-Prem Snapshot, Bare Metal Recovery, and traditional recovery, you can trust that your RTOs and RPOs are met at scale.


Ransomware resiliency is the ultimate goal. Veritas has developed NetBackup with resiliency top of mind, providing valuable peace of mind with solutions that reduce risk, eliminate uncertainty, and help you maintain control. Make NetBackup the core of your comprehensive, multilayered cybersecurity strategy.  

Every plan—especially your resiliency plan—is only as good as your last disaster recovery (DR) rehearsal. Make sure to test, validate, and disinfect regularly. Not only will this practice shorten threat-response times and minimize impact of an attack, but the enhanced visibility will also help you identify problems areas to resolve and improve. Veritas recently completed a comprehensive study exploring the growing disparity between enterprise IT complexity and resiliency to ransomware threats. What was discovered was eye-opening and well-summarized in the Veritas 2020 Ransomware Resiliency Report: The research revealed that 57 percent of companies haven’t tested their DR plan within the past two months!  Keep in mind that businesses could be severely impacted for days. I can’t say it enough: Test, validate, disinfect, then test some more. 


NetBackup 9 was launched with much fanfare at Conquer Every Cloud, our virtual conference that featured a host of impressive group of guest speakers, new feature demos, and 20+ breakout sessions—many of which were focused on NetBackup. Catch the Ransomware Resiliency breakout session here.

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