Veritas Solution Days

防勒有道,数枕无忧 - Veritas 解决方案

Veritas Solution Days


Mar 17-18, 2022

Ransomware strikes fear in the hearts of IT professionals. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The fact is ransomware is far from invincible. In this Veritas Solution Day presentation, you will learn what it takes to neutralize the threat and impact of ransomware on your organization. It’s time to turn the tables on ransomware and start talking about what it is afraid of—a multi-layered, flexible, unified defense.


  • 勒索软件应对韧性:如何确保您的数据始终得到妥善保护,不可篡改而且可恢复。
  • 保护、检测和恢复的最佳做法:通过单一平台统一管理数据保护为何如此重要。
  • 勒索软件攻击剖析:聆听 Veritas 全球客户如何最大限度避免中断,对支付赎金说不。

除了嘉宾们分享的精彩前沿洞察外,我们还将深入探讨 NetBackup 的核心防勒功能。

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