Veritas acquires Globanet, extending its leading digital compliance portfolio.

Veritas has acquired Globanet, a global leader for compliance solutions that enable customers to streamline compliance with global regulatory requirements and capture content from over 80+ data sources. In addition to its proprietary software solutions, Globanet also provides a broad range of professional services including policy and solution design, installation, configuration, email archiving migrations, custom add-ons, and project-based consulting.

Frequently Asked Questions



Why is Veritas acquiring Globanet?

The Globanet acquisition is a strategic opportunity enabling Veritas to extend our Digital Compliance portfolio, by virtue of adding Globanet’s IP, talent and technology. It is part of a balanced approach to move our digital compliance portfolio forward through both organic and inorganic growth. Veritas continues to innovate and develop solutions internally while also looking for opportunities to acquire existing technologies that accelerate our vision.

What products does Globanet offer?

Globanet offers compliance solutions and associated services. The Globanet portfolio is comprised of five products:

  • Merge1™: Easily archive all your communications for compliance and delivery.
  • Balance: Patented intelligent load balancing for journaling infrastructures.
  • Classify: Selectively re-classify, report, or delete data based on very specific criteria.
  • Migrate: Data migration software that seamlessly moves data between on-premise and cloud-based archives.
  • EV Health Check: Automated archive analysis and reporting tool for Veritas Enterprise VaultTM.
What products does Veritas offer?

Veritas offers industry leading-products for multi-cloud data management, backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage, and digital compliance.

The Veritas Digital Compliance portfolio provides visibility, metadata enrichment, management, discovery and supervision of enterprise data in the cloud and on-prem. Solutions include:

  • Veritas Enterprise VaultTM and Veritas Enterprise ( Automated archiving of over 80 content sources to immutable storage for proactive collection for supervision and surveillance and discovery use cases. Solutions can be deployed on-premises, hybrid cloud, on-prem, IaaS and as a fully managed SaaS solution (
  • Veritas eDiscovery Platform (eDP): End-to-end discovery of electronic documents and information for use during litigation and for rapid response to FOIA and Subject Access Requests.
  • Veritas Advanced Supervision (VAS): Enables supervision and surveillance of communications to comply with regulations (for example, FINRA/SEC, MiFID II) and to enforce internal policies (for example, HR/Safe Work environment).
  • Veritas Data Insight: Provides visibility and understanding of content where it is created to drive targeted discovery, security, and lifecycle management.
  • Veritas Information Classifier (VIC): A classification engine, available for all Digital Compliance products, VIC provides metadata enrichment through targeted rules, language detection, document template matching and over 120 default policies.
What are the synergies between Veritas' and Globanet's product offerings?

Globanet is already a key technology partner within our Digital Compliance portfolio, as we already have a longstanding business relationship through which Veritas resells the Globanet Merge1™ product. Their technology complements and enhances Veritas’ current Digital Compliance solutions offerings. Globanet’s key strength is the breadth of content sources captured, with over 80+ sources supported.

Will you keep the Globanet brand?

For now, there is no change in the Globanet product or brand. In the short-term, organizations using Globanet will continue to see the Globanet brand alongside Veritas as we progress our integration plans.

What does this mean to Veritas customers?

The acquisition of Globanet complements our existing digital compliance solution portfolio. Currently, Veritas customers can access Merge1™ immediately through the Veritas price list. Our customers have access to a broader and more complete portfolio of archiving connectors to 80+ content sources. Globanet will help take full advantage of the growing need for collaboration, voice, video and industry specific content sources for archives.

If I'm a Globanet customer/partner, whom should I contact for sales-related questions?

Until advised otherwise, please continue to work with your existing Globanet account team.

Will any Globanet contact information be changing?

Right now, no contact information is changing. Please continue to work with your existing Globanet account team, and contact Globanet support and services as you always have. Email addresses for Globanet representatives will ultimately change to Veritas email addresses, however we will advise you of any changes in advance.

Will Veritas continue to offer Globanet products as standalone products?

For now, continue to purchase Globanet products as you always have, being sure to note the slight update to Globanet’s company name in your order processing, as detailed further in point #13 in this document. Any other changes will be communicated in advance.

Will I need to sign a new contract?

Not at this time. Please continue to order Globanet products as you always have while we work on our operational integration. Veritas will advise of any changes in advance.

Will I be able to consolidate my Veritas and Globanet contracts into a single contract?

Our goal is to provide a unified purchasing experience from Veritas but for now, Globanet’s price book and transacting remains operationally separate as we work on our integration process. However, if you are an existing Veritas customer, you can already purchase Merge1™ as it is available on the Veritas price list. Once Globanet is integrated, purchasing will be available on Veritas price lists, terms, quotes and contracts, and legacy Globanet contracts will no longer be necessary for go-forward purchasing and renewals.

Will I be able to purchase Veritas and Globanet solutions on a single purchase order?

Globanet Merge1™ is already available on the Veritas price list and it is our goal to provide a unified purchasing experience from Veritas in the future. We will keep you apprised as we progress our operational integration. For now, you should continue to purchase Globanet products from Globanet as you always have. Please note, however, that until we have completed combining our systems and organizations, you will see a small name change in the quotes and invoices you see from Globanet – it will change to “Globanet” or “Globanet Holdings.“ Quotes, Purchase Orders and Invoices issued in the prior Globanet branding will be honored and processed. We appreciate noting the interim name change in your records and will advise of any other updates to purchasing in advance.

Will there be a change in Globanet's pricing?

We will advise of any changes to price in advance. We will be focused on simplification in the short-term.

How is the renewal process changing after the acquisition?

For now, you should continue working with your existing Globanet account teams or channel partner for renewals. Renewals will eventually be aligned with the Veritas renewals process and we will advise of any changes in advance.

Will there be a change in Globanet's contacts or services for customer support or technical support?

Please continue to use existing Globanet’s support and customer care contacts and processes as you always have. We will advise of any changes in advance.

Who do I contact for more information about this acquisition?

Please revisit this resource for ongoing updates as we progress our integration plans. You can also reach out to the sales representative associated with your account.