These were popular once, too.

Tape storage is so 80s.


Tape was a great long-term retention/archive device—back in the 80s! We know it’s hard to move away from tape for a lot of reasons. But you might be surprised. Moving away from tape to an on-premises long-term retention (LTR) system is more economical than you might think (check out the TCO tool below). These five key considerations are worth noting when it comes to archiving and LTR in the modern data center:

  1. Always-available data.
  2. Improved RPO/RTO Service levels.
  3. Cloud-ready.
  4. Easier regulatory compliance.
  5. Reduced OpEx.

Here are some materials that can help with your decision:

Tape is so 80s

Five key considerations for archiving and LTR in the modern data center.

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TCO Comparison Tool

See how much money your organization could save.

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