Veritas™ Appliance AutoSupport Reference Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (Version Not Specified)
Platform: Veritas 3340,Veritas 5340,Veritas 5150,Veritas 5250,Veritas 5330,Veritas 5240,Veritas 5230

Viewing Call Home information

An appliance has the ability to send an email to a local administrator when a hardware failure is detected. You can configure the email address that you want to use for hardware failure notifications from the Flex Appliance Shell. The contents of the email identifies the type of hardware failure that occurred and the status of the failure.

This section provides the information that is specific to the settings and configuration for the Call Home feature.

The available information is provided in the following table.

Table: Call Home information




Shows the current Call Home settings

callhome-registration node-name=<node_name>

Shows Call Home registration information based on the node hostname


Sends a test to verify that Call Home is functional


Shows the email and the SMTP settings


Tests SMTP and sends an email about hardware data

To view information about Call Home

  1. Log in to the Flex Appliance Shell, and type any of the following as needed.

    show alerts callhome

    show alerts callhome-registration node-name=<node_name>

    show alerts callhome-test

    show alerts email

    show alerts email-test

  2. Press Enter after each string to display the information.