Backup jobs fails or completes with exceptions with the error: "Unable to get minimum quiet time window for physical volume" and / or "The semaphore timeout period has expired" when Advanced Open File Option is used.


 AOFO enabled backup fails or completes with exception : Unable to get minimum quiet time window for physical volume" and / or "The semaphore timeout period has expired"

Error Message

V-79-57344-34110 - AOFO: Initialization failure on: "\\". Advanced Open File Option used: Symantec Volume Snapshot Provider (VSP).
AOFO: Unable to get minimum quiet time for physical volumes. Reduce the activity on these volumes, or wait and run the backup when there is ...

Final Error code: 00000079 HEX
Final Error description: The semaphore timeout period has expired.

The error: "The semaphore timeout period has expired" may be shown as the final error description for the job when the error "Unable to get minimum quiet time window for physical volume" occurs in the job (Figure 1).


This error occurs if the drive being backed up is too active due to third party applications or services that are interacting with the hard drive on the server. The Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) snapshot cannot be completed when it cannot find a time where there is no disk activity for the specified "minimum quiet time."  This can occur because any one of the following reasons:

 Any third party applications that cause continuous disk writes can cause this issue. For example: anti-virus scans, disk defragmenting, and Oracle logging are known to cause this issue.
  • The drive that is hosting the (AOFO) Cache File has become heavily fragmented.
  • The Windows Page file is located on the same volume that hosts the AOFO cache file.  This will cause the AOFO cache file to not be able to grow and shrink to the required size of the files that are going to be cached to the AOFO cache file.  This would require the use of the AOFO wizard to make the initial and maximum size for the AOFO cache file to be the same and to be larger than the largest file that will be open during the backup.
  • Check out whether the VSS writers are stable or not by running the command VSSADMIN LIST WRITERS.
  To resolve this issue, run a disk defragmentation on the hard disks when the backup is not running, disable virus scans, and stop any third party applications that cause excessive disk writes during the backup. If all third-party applications have been stopped, and the error still occurs, the Minimum Quiet Time for AOFO can be lowered on the problem machine as follows:
NOTE: Lowering the minimum quiet time increases the possibility of data being inconsistent when it is backed up. Test backups and restores should be performed to verify the integrity of the data.

1. Go to Tools | Wizards | Advanced Open File Option Wizard (Figure 2)

Figure 2

2. Click Next on the Welcome screen

3. Type the user name and password of the machine that reported the error (this account will be used by the wizard to attach to that machine's registry) (Figure 3). Click Next.

Figure 3

4. Decrease the value "Number of seconds during which there can be no disk activity before the static volume is created" by increments of 1 and run backups to test (Figure 4). The recommended minimum length is 5 seconds, but values between 2 and 4 seconds can be used.  

Figure 4

5. Click OK on the warning message (Figure 5)

Figure 5

6. Click Finish to complete the wizard


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