fsadm -b command to resize a VXFS filesystem hangs

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fsadm -b command to resize a VXFS filesystem hangs



As a result of running vxassist + fsadm or vxresize to grow a volume and vxfs filesystem, the vxassist commands to grow the volume succeeded successfully but fsadm command to grow the filesystem fails and will appear to hang.


To verify the capture the threadlist

For Solaris 10 we have:

# echo '::threadlist -v' | mdb -k  > /var/tmp/threadlist

# cat /var/tmp/threadlist  and search for fsadm command

000003001aa7cea0    6009a625140      60091692920   1  593001aa7d046
PC: cv_wait+0x38  CMD: /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm -b <size>  </mountpoint>
stack pointer for thread 3001aa7cea0: 2a103b78601
  [ 000002a103b78601 cv_wait+0x38() ]

...process in stuck in kernel and it need a reboot

Once verified , reboot the system
#  reboot

Run full fsck to remove the vxresize aborted flag and mount
#  fsck -F vxfs  -o full  /dev/vx/rdsk/<dgname>/<volname>
#  mount  -F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/<dgname>/<volname>  /<mountpoint>

Check fragmentation status
# fsadm -ED </mountpoint>
Defrag the file system using, we may have to repeat step 2 for more than one time to achieve required defrag level -
# fsadm -F vxfs -ed -s -t 1800 </mountpoint>
Verify the defrag status
# fsadm -ED </mountpoint>

Download and the apply the patch to a resolve this issue:
The Veritas File System 5.0 MP3 RP2a for Solaris can be downloaded from the Patch Central Web Site as per URL:

For Solaris 10 apply : Patch-ID# 123202-05
Keywords: VxFS 5.0 VERITAS File System Maintenance Patch 03
Synopsis: VRTSvxfs 5.0MP3RP2: Maintenance Patch for File System 5.0-Sun5.10

Finally resize the file system
# /usr/lib/vxvm/bin/vxresize -F vxfs -g <dgname> <volume name> <new size>
# /usr/lib/fs/vxfs/fsadm -F vxfs  -b <new size> </mountpoint>

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