How to use Microsoft ADPlus to troubleshoot processes that "crash" or "hang" in Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows

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When Microsoft Windows is hanging or crashing it may be necessary to dump the process or application that is hanging the server. Once this dump is collected it would likely be debugged with Win DBG by Engineering or an Advanced Support member. This article contains a brief overview of ADPlus, a debugging utility that is contained in the Microsoft Debugging Tools. A detailed overview of ADPlus can be found here:


Follow these steps to "attach" the debugger to a process. This causes ADPlus to begin monitoring the process. If the process later crashes or hangs, ADPlus will generate a set of logs that may be used for troubleshooting.

1. Install the Microsoft Debugging Tools. They can be downloaded from the following link:

2. From a Windows command prompt, run the following command:

adplus -crash -p [process ID]

Note: "-crash" is used in this example. If the process is hanging, instead of crashing, use "-hang" instead.
The Process Identifier or Process ID(PID) can be gathered from Task Manager by enabling the column from the View Menu.
The process name can also be used to monitor for crash or hang with the following command.
adplus -crash -pn [process name]

A message will appear stating that no symbol files were found, followed by another informational message. Click  OK at these messages. The command prompt should state "Attaching the debugger to: [process name]."

3. When the monitored process crashes, a folder will be generated under the "\Debugging Tools for Windows" folder. It may be necessary to hit "refresh" before this is visible. The name of the folder will vary, depending on the crash type and the settings used.

Examples of folder names:



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