Deleting expired recurring archived Calendar entries will delete the entire series and not just the expired item.

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When choosing to delete an expired Calendar item that has been archived by Enterprise Vault (EV) the option to Delete this occurrence or Delete the series is not given.  Depending on the policy configuration the user may be prompted to delete only the shortcut or both the shortcut and the archived item.  Both options will delete the entire series from Outlook and not only the single occurrence.   The series will also be deleted if the EV Delete from Vault option is used from within Outlook.


Open the occurrence and delete it.

1. Go to Calendar in Microsoft Outlook and double-click the item.

2. On the Open Recurring Item pop-up select Open this occurrence.  

3. Click Delete and choose Delete this occurrence on the Confirm Delete pop-up window and click OK (Image 1).  

Image 1

Note: This will only delete the single occurrence and not the series.  

This issue has been addressed as part of the following releases:

Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP3 Hotfix

Enterprise Vault 9.0

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