Solaris 8 patchadd hangs while installing VM 5.0MP3RP2 or RP3 during patchadd of # 122058-12 or 122058-13.


Solaris 8 patchadd hangs while installing VM 5.0MP3RP2 or RP3 during patchadd of # 122058-12 or 122058-13.


Patchadd hangs while installing  5.0MP3RP2 or RP3, during patchadd of # 122058-12 (RP2) or 122058-13 (RP3). This is only applicable to Solaris 8 systems.

VxVM 5.0MP3RP2 or RP3 postinstall script executes 'rem_drv vxdmp' which causes patchadd to hang whilst unloading the module.

# ps -eaf | grep -i patchadd
  root  6252  6251  0 13:46:33 console  0:16 /usr/sadm/install/bin/pkginstall -S -n -a /tmp/patchadd-60864786/admin.tmp.4786
  root  6251  4786  0 13:46:33 console  0:00 pkgadd -S -n -a /tmp/patchadd-60864786/admin.tmp.4786 -r /tmp/patchadd-60864786
  root  4786  4370  0 13:45:59 console  0:04 /bin/ksh -hp /usr/sbin/patchadd 122058-12

# ptree 4786
4370  -sh
4786  /bin/ksh -hp /usr/sbin/patchadd 122058-12
  6251  pkgadd -S -n -a /tmp/patchadd-60864786/admin.tmp.4786 -r /tmp/patchadd-60864786
    6252  /usr/sadm/install/bin/pkginstall -S -n -a /tmp/patchadd-60864786/admin.tmp.4786
      14457 /sbin/sh /var/sadm/pkg/VRTSvxvm/install/postinstall
        14852 rem_drv vxdmp

When system is rebooted, vxconfigd fails to start with the following messages seen on the console:

SunOS Release 5.8 Version Generic_117350-47 64-bit
Copyright 1983-2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
WARNING: forceload of drv/vxio failed
WARNING: forceload of drv/vxspec failed
WARNING: ddi_installdrv: no major number for vxio
WARNING: mod_installdrv: Cannot install vxio
WARNING: VxVM vxio V-5-0-216 mod_install returned 28
WARNING: forceload of drv/vxio failed
WARNING: VxVM vxspec V-5-0-0 vxspec: vxio not loaded. Aborting vxspec load
WARNING: forceload of drv/vxspec failed
VxVM sysboot INFO V-5-2-3409 starting in boot mode...
Dec  1 14:27:30 vxvm:vxconfigd: V-5-1-7840 cannot open /dev/vx/config: No such file or directory
VxVM sysboot WARNING V-5-0-4817 Error starting vxconfigd

When patchadd is attempted second time after the reboot, it may succeed and vxconfigd starts up fine.

If problem is not resolved after reboot, please follow the work around provided below

The problem is tracked via e1911559  and applicable only to Solaris8 and targeted to be fixed in a subsequent release.


For 5.0MP3RP2

Remove the patch  122058-12 installed in the system
# patchrm 122058-12

Download SFHA 5.0MP3RP2 patch to a temporary directory (say /var/tmp) and modify the postinstall script as shown below:

# pwd
# cp -p postinstall postinstall.orig

Modify the script to use vxdmpmodadm instead of dmpmodadm
# diff -s postinstall postinstall.orig
<               /etc/vx/diag.d/vxdmpmodadm stop daemons
>               /etc/vx/diag.d/dmpmodadm stop daemons

Change the timestamp of the postinstall script to match the original value using touch command.

# touch -t <YYYYMMDDhhmm> postinstall

Modify the pkgmap file accordingly as shown below:

# pwd
# diff -s pkgmap pkgmap.orig
< 1 i postinstall 31173 57408 1242370497
> 1 i postinstall 31171 57170 1242370497
Note: 31173 refers the new size of postinstall ( # ls -l postinstall)  and 57408 refer the new sum value of postinstall ( # sum postinstall ) file.

Now patchadd of 122058-12 (5.0MP3RP2) should succeed.

For 5.0MP3RP3
Follow the same procedure as RP2, except the patch number here is 122058-13 instead of 122058-12.

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