NB_PDE_6.5.1.2_EEB14-rollup1 is a PureDisk EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) package for PureDisk servers.

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NB_PDE_6.5.1.2_EEB14-rollup1 is a PureDisk EEB (Emergency Engineering Binary) package for PureDisk servers.


Name: NB_PDE_6.5.1.2_EEB14-rollup1
Date: May 06, 2009

This Engineering Binary provides features and fixes to the Veritas NetBackup
PureDisk Remote Office Edition 6.5 software.


Install PureDisk, before you install this Engineering Binary.


- MB Garbage Collection, with the parameter 'extensive cleanup' enabled,
 removes "delete Pos" (modtype: D) entries from the Metabase
 before previous versions of that file have been marked as expired.
 This causes delay in Data removal and an increase of Storage usage.
 It is recommended to mark all Data Selections as dirty to re-insert
 the "delete POs" again, if 'extensive cleanup' was enabled.
 (From 6.5.1_EEB03-mbgc_del_pos, Internal reference: ET 1481748)

- Replication now contains retry mechanism, which restarts the entire job step
 inside the same job, when an error occurs (e.g. network interrupt).
 To enable this feature: change 'maxretrycount' in the [replication] section
 to a value higher than 1 through 'Configuration File Templates' in the
 PureDisk UI. Next execute 'Push Configuration Files'.
 (From 6.5.1_EEB05-replication_retry, Internal reference: ET 1513110)

- Pre-6.5.1 Data Selections still contained slow VIEWs in the Metabase.
 With this fix replication of these Data Selections becomes much faster.
 (From 6.5.1_EEB09-update_old_ds_views, Internal reference: ET 1542049, ET 1557416)

- Error 'Could not find parent dir' during MBImport, caused by parent directory
 having trailing white space.
 (From 6.5.1_EEB10-mbe_parent_id, Internal reference: ET 1555757)

- Error 'FilesetIterator Exception occurred while evaluating' during MBImport,
 fixed by using prepared statements and handling NULL values properly
 (From 6.5.1_EEB10-mbe_parent_id, Internal reference: ET 1287876, 1402477)

- Error 'portal C_7 does not exist' during MBImport
 (From 6.5.1_EEB10-mbe_parent_id, Internal reference: ET 1414971)

- Replication: mode field of fake POs is incorrect,
 causing problems when restoring NBU export of such a directory
 (From 6.5.1_EEB10-mbe_parent_id, Internal reference: ET 1486573)

- Restores from a dataselection which has corruption within it complete (Success
 with Errors) if you use a single stream. However the same restore will fail with
 '[2]Invalid argument supplied for foreach()' if multiple streams are selected.
 (From 6.5.1_EEB12-restore_multi_stream_stats, Internal reference: ET 1543791)

- Maintenance jobs now show progress info for every 100 jobs or policy runs being removed
 (Internal reference: ET 1542390)  

- URL and DNS validation fails is hostname contains an underscore
 (Internal reference: ET 1633947)

- "Memcache::connect(): Can't connect to" randomly occurring
 (Internal reference: ET 1603599)

- Central Reporting: Capacity Report reports incorrect Frontend Storage
 (Internal reference: ET 1630596)


1.  Use rcp or scp to copy the tar file, NB_PDE_6.5.1.2_EEB14-rollup1.tar,
   to the /root directory of the PureDisk node that hosts the storage pool authority.

2.  Log on as root to the node that hosts the storage pool authority.

3.  Type cd /root to go to the /root directory.

4.  Type the following command to verify the integrity of the Engineering Binary:

       md5sum /root/NB_PDE_6.5.1.2_EEB14-rollup1.tar

   This command computes the md5 checksum of the Engineering Binary.  The md5
   checksum of the Engineering Binary must match '42e565f6b8decf38412db79859cf149f'.

   If you obtain a different checksum, the Engineering Binary was corrupted during
   download. Try to download the Engineering Binary again.

5.  Type the following command to extract the README file:

       tar -C / -xf /root/NB_PDE_6.5.1.2_EEB14-rollup1.tar ./NB_PDE_6.5.1.2_EEB14-rollup1.README


1.  Make sure that no PureDisk jobs are currently running or are scheduled to be run.

2.  Log out from the Web UI.

3.  (Conditional) Freeze PD service groups for clustered PD server.

   Perform this step if the storage pool is installed with VCS cluster
   software.  Use the Cluster Manager Java Console, and freeze all the service

   For information about how to freeze and unfreeze clustered storage pools,
   see the Veritas NetBackup PureDisk Storage Pool Installation Guide.

4.  Type the following command to unpack the Engineering Binary software:

       tar -C / -xf /root/NB_PDE_6.5.1.2_EEB14-rollup1.tar ./opt

5.  Type the following command to run and install the Engineering Binary:


   If the topology.ini file is encrypted, the software prompts you for the
   password to decrypt this file.

   The Engineering Binary automatically pushes the software to all nodes in the
   storage pool and to all clients.

   At the end of a successful installation, the software prompts you to encrypt
   the topology.ini file.

6.  (Conditional) Unfreeze PD service groups for clustered PD server.

   Perform this step if the storage pool is installed with VCS cluster

   The Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) software might detect some faults
   during the upgrade process.  If any upgrade actions generate a VCS fault,
   use the Cluster Manager Java Console to clear the fault and probe that

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