What is Symantec System Recovery Management Solution (SSRMS)?


What is the Symantec System Recovery Management Solution?


Symantec System Recovery 2013 Management Solution (SSR MS) provides enterprise-level backup management tasks for server and desktop protection for your enterprise-wide Symantec System Recovery \ Backup Exec System Recovery installation. Built on the Symantec Management Platform, SSR MS allows complete and customized backup and recovery tasks from one central consol. From the product's Home page, you can easily view the computers that are protected, including backup status, missed backups, systems needing attention, etc. Using the power of Symantec System Recovery, you can also perform remote system and drive recovery of Windows computers using the LightsOut feature. (Linux computers must be recovered locally). 
(Note: For installation less that 100 machines, SSR 2013 includes SSR Monitor, a monitoring tool used to see the backup and recovery status of each connected machine.)

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