Late Breaking News (LBN) bulletin for NetBackup 6.5.5


Late Breaking News (LBN) bulletin for NetBackup 6.5.5


This TechNote provides late breaking information regarding NetBackup 6.5.5.  Symantec Corporation updates this TechNote as new customer-related information pertaining to 6.5.5 products becomes available.  Symantec recommends that you frequently check this TechNote for updates or subscribe to receive updates to this document by clicking the following link:

General Documentation:
Veritas NetBackup (tm) 5.x to NetBackup 6.5 Upgrade Guide

6.5.5 Documentation Updates:

Best practices for configuring NetBackup with Storage Lifecycle Policies

How to recover a catalog backup from a Standard or Enterprise disk device (including OpenStorage, PureDisk Deduplication Option and AdvancedDisk)

Restrictions on recovering from duplicated catalog backups

Known Issues:
(NEW) (ET1996352) BUG REPORT: SharePoint Recovery Assistant (SPSRecoveryAsst.exe) crashes when attempting to recover Web Application.

(NEW) (ET1526358) BUG REPORT: After adding another media server, the topology no long displays correctly. Drives are missing. Backup operations are still working.

(NEW) (ET1853140) BUG REPORT: After upgrading to NetBackup versions 6.5.4 and 6.5.5, Media Servers appear as offline. The nbjm log shows PBX attempting to use interfaces that are not defined in the bp.conf with SERVER entries.

(NEW) (ET1713515) BUG REPORT: Exchange and SharePoint granular backups fail with status 1. "Granular restore from this image may not work" is displayed in the Activity Monitor

(UPDATED) (ET1926297)   When multistreaming is enabled on a backup policy containing ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, any Windows 2008 clients included in that policy will not have their Shadow Copy Components included in the backup. There is no indication that they are being skipped.
6.5.5 Downloadable Fix (updated March 23, 2010):

(NEW) (ET1866832)   GENERAL ERROR: In some situations, using SharePoint granular restore to restore a website may not achieve the desired results.
6.5.5 Downloadable Fix:

(NEW) (ET1924099)   DOCUMENTATION: Issues resolved in the nbrb package for NetBackup Resource Broker, included in Etrack 1924099.
6.5.5 Downloadable Fix:

(ET1940073)   RMAN-10038 error when attempting to backup Oracle version 11.2 using NetBackup 6.x.
6.5.5 Downloadable Fix:

(ET1910008) BUG REPORT: After applying the NetBackup 6.5.5 release update, nbstserv frequently terminates unexpectedly during duplication for Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP).
(ET1909999) Issues resolved in the nbemm/nbstserv combo package for Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP) and Disk expiration (DSSU)

(ET1913497) A potential for data loss has been found when running VMware consolidated backups (VCB) in NetBackup 6.5GA and above. Drives which are excluded from the proxy client are also excluded from the Virtual Machines that the proxy client hosts.

(ET1887452)   When a large number of databases are enumerated in an SQL batch file, or when the "DATABASE $ALL" wildcard is used to enumerate a large number of databases, some databases are skipped and not all databases are backed up. No failure is reported in the Activity Monitor.
6.5.5 Downloadable Fix:

(ET1889613) When using FlashBackup-Windows policies, attempts to restore a compressed Microsoft Outlook personal folder file (*.pst) will fail with status code 5 reported, although no error was reported when the file was backed up.

(ET1914996) A potential for data loss has been discovered with NetBackup 6.5.4 and 6.5.5 when performing optimized duplication of NetBackup Granular backups (Exchange or Active Directory) from one PureDisk/PDDO location to another. Other OpenStorage (OST) configurations are not affected if used in a supported manner.

(ET1915000) A potential for data loss has been discovered involving NetBackup 6.5.4 for Windows when backing up DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) folders. If a DFSR folder name is identical to a DFSR folder name in another replication group, only one folder is backed up and the backup exits with Status 0 (Successful).

(ET1911632) BUG REPORT: VCB Backups intermittently fail with Status 1 "vfm_get_extent on unnamed ntfs file failed error 3"

(ET1915006) BUG REPORT: After upgrading to 6.5.4, Backups fail with Status 130 "system error occurred" and bpfis.exe generates a fault.

(ET1902479) SAN Client enhancements/fixes for 6.5.5


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