Cannot map a drive from within the Backup Exec System Recovery or Symantec System Recovery Restore Environment (SRD)


After booting a system with either the Backup Exec System Recovery or  Symantec System Recovery Restore Environment (SRD) CD/DVD or USB device, attempting to map a drive fails with various messages.



1. Navigate to the Network tab.
2. Select Ping a Remote Computer to verify that networking is functioning. if there are any Network issues, resolve them.
3. Select Map a Network Drive.
4. If this fails try Connect Using a Different User Name
5 If this fails as well, try Solution 2.

Solution 2.
1. Navigate to the Analyze tab.
2. Select Open a Command Shell Window.
3. At the command prompt type the following:
Note: For \\SERVER_NAME either the UNC name, or IP address may be input
4. In a Workgroup this will be all that needs to be done.
5. In a domain there will be a prompt for User Name and for Password. Input the appropriate credentials.

6. To verify that the drive has been mapped, at the command prompt type Z:<Enter>. You should see your recovery points or be able to navigate to them from here.


Applies To

Performing a recovery where the recovery points sets are being shared across a network.

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