NetBackup 7.0 Release Announcement


NetBackup 7.0 Release Announcement


Dear NetBackup Customer:

It is our distinct pleasure to announce the General Availability (GA) of NetBackup 7 as of February 1st, 2010!!!  

Customers can now officially download NetBackup 7 and start experiencing the latest innovations in data protection, storage and recovery.  For more release content details, we encourage you to read  Top Seven Reasons to Move to Symantec NetBackup (tm) 7

This NetBackup 7 release continued to build on the success of the First Availability (FA) program.  Select customers were offered early access to NetBackup 7 prior to General Availability.  As a result, we have 35 customer sites running NetBackup 7 in production and 130 customers in pre-production environments before GA.  In all, we have already achieved over 1500 days of run time in production and in pre-production.

Customer response to NetBackup 7 FA has been extremely positive:
·            Installation was clean and the upgrade from 6.5.5 went without error. In fact it was just too easy "
·            The upgrade was installed in my production environment last Tuesday and it's been rock solid. This was one of the smoothest upgrades I have ever installed !!"
·            OpsCenter is great.  Makes it so much easier to monitor the environment."
·            NetBackup 7 exceeded my expectations"

The marquee features of NetBackup 7.0 Beta include:
Fully Integrated Deduplication
  • Native NetBackup Client Deduplication
  • NetBackup Media Server Deduplication (without the need for a separate server to control dedupe storage)
OpsCenter (and OpsCenter Analytics)
  • Single deployment, configuration and user interface for monitoring, alerting and basic reporting functionality (an upgrade and replacement to NetBackup Operations Manager)
  • Point-and-click reports across NetBackup, Backup Exec, PureDisk and Enterprise Vault
Expanded VMware Protection & Recovery with vStorage API support
  • Reduce hardware requirements by eliminating proxy server for off-host backups
  • Faster backups with block-level incremental backup (BLIB) support
  • Instantly find individual files from a BLIB backup (unique to NetBackup)
Expanded Microsoft Hyper-V Features
  • Reduce application impact from backup with off-host backup capability
  • Faster backups with the support for incremental backups of a VHD
Simplify Backup & Recovery of Enterprise Vault 8.0 environments
  • Improved Enterprise Vault agent reduces configuration time and the need for multiple jobs
NetBackup Server and Client Proliferation
  • Windows 7 Client support
  • Windows 2008 R2 Client/Server support
Bare Metal Restore
  • BMR migration to WinPE 2.1 support

Additional information regarding NetBackup 7:

An Installation and Upgrade Checklist is available for NetBackup 7.0 on the Veritas Operations Services website to determine 7.0 requirements for master, media and clients:

Product Overviews, Whitepapers, Datasheets:

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