PST import may not work with data archived prior to EV 8


PST file may not be imported properly into Enterprise Vault when using a configuration (.cfg) file for the import and the Vault Store Partition into which the PST file is being imported is using an EMC Centera with Collection enabled. The import may generate a SUCCESS in the migration report even though the file in actuality is not properly imported.

Error Message

The following Events will be generated when attempting to import.  

Event Type:    Error
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category:  Storage Crawler
Event ID:        7116
Failed to access file 'C:\NTFSCollections\2009\01-26\9\74A\974A85019D044175A67AA552BDBF2130.DVS'. 
Reason: The system cannot find the file specified.  [0x80070002] 
Operation: READ 
Reference: SDR/LF 
Event Type:    Error
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category:  Storage Crawler
Event ID:        7083
Retrieval of saveset failed. 
Archive Id: 12862D06D96F95346934693C66C1AB12D51A71110000EV_SITE
Transaction Id: 974A85019D044175A67AA552BDBF2130
Extended information: The system cannot find the file specified.  [0x80070002] 
Internal Ref: Vault/RI 

Event Type:    Information
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category:  Index Server
Event ID:        7287
Unable to add the item to the index since it is not currently available from the Storage Service:
Reason: Error processing saveset [0xc0041923]
Attempt: 3

In addition, the items which have not been processed will remain in the Centera Collection folder.


When using the Export Archive wizard, the export creates a .pst file and .cfg file.  When importing a .pst file, using the associated .cfg file,  which contains data archived prior to Enterprise Vault 8.0, may generate a "SUCCESS" in the Migration report even though the .pst has not been imported correctly.

.pst file - Contains the mail items.
.cfg file - Contains the Enterprise Vault metadata associated with the mail items and is used mainly to update shortcuts in a mailbox when moved across different sites.

With the introduction of Enterprise Vault 8.0 and the new Optimized Single Instance Storage (OSIS) storage model, data is now stored in the database with a 32 character transaction ID (TID).  This differs from the pre-EV 8.0 storage model that utilized a 31 character TID. An issue has been identified where the TID character change was not correctly converted during the import.

Note: The .cfg file does not have to be explicitly specified during the PST import. Enterprise Vault will automatically use the .cfg file if it is present in the same location of the pst being imported. 


How to determine if affected
The PST import may fail if the following conditions are met:
1. A Centera is used as the storage device for the Vault Store partition with Collection Enabled.
Note: If you are using a non Centera Storage Device for the Vault Store partition(s), please refer to technote 
2. Pre-Enterprise Vault 8.0 archived data (e.g. any version prior to EV 8.0) was exported to PST from a pre Enterprise Vault 8.0 installation and then imported into an EV 8.0 installation.

The pre-EV 8.0 archived data will not be inserted into the vault store correctly.  The data will not be indexed or available via the shortcuts.

How to check if Centera Collections is enabled
1. In the Vault Admin Console, expand the Site Name and Vault Store Groups
2. Expand your Vault Store Group and the Vault Store.
3. On the right-hand side, go to the properties of the active partition and select the Collections tab.

Formal Resolution:
This issue is addressed in the following versions of Enterprise Vault:
This issue only occurs when a configuration file is used as part of the import process. Therefore, by not using the configuration file the import will complete successfully. However, this means that existing shortcuts in the mailbox will not be updated and will therefore be orphaned and not work.

1. In the directory where the .pst file is located rename the corresponding .cfg file to .old. (Example of files:  User1.pst and User1.cfg)
2. Open the Administration Console, expand the site, click on Archives, click Action and Import PST... .
3. Select the Vault Store and click Next.
4. Click Add and browse to the location of the .pst file and click Next.
5. Work through the rest of the wizard to complete the import.

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Applies To

The following versions of Symantec Enterprise Vault are affected:

  • Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange 8.0
  • Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange 8.0 SP1
  • Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange 8.0 SP2

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