Harddisks in failing status and mirror won't resynchronize.

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Harddisks in failing status and mirror won't resynchronize.

Error Message

Details: Mirror resynchronization of a volume failed to complete.
Recommended Action: Please check the disks for availability or bad blocks.

Details: Failed to add a mirror to volume.
Recommended Action: You might have an application that is still using this volume. Please close all applications and try again.


When I/O errors have been detected on a harddisk, SFW will mark it with a "Failing" status and a yellow warning flag will be seen on the disks in VEA gui.

Once this occurs, any volumes associated with the harddisks may become "degraded" or "failed."

Mirror resynchronisation will not complete while harddisks associated with the mirror are in a failing state and the volume itself is marked as degraded.



Review storage devices for I/O errors and take any remediation action reuqired.

Once you are sure that all the harddisks are healthy and there are no more I/O errors to the disks, right-click the harddisks and select "reactivate". Reactivate clears the status and the warning flag on each harddisk, it will not rectify any errors on the harddisk itself. Once all harddisks have been reactivated, the mirror should automatically resync.

If there are a lot of harddisks to reactivate and if the gui method is too time consuming, it is possible to reactivate via using the command line interface.

vxdisk reactivate harddiskXX
(where XX is the harddisk number seen in VEA)



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