Step by step guide to importing a tape using the NetBackup 6.x GUI

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Step by step guide to importing a tape using the NetBackup 6.x GUI

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This technote gives a step by step guide to importing a tape using the NetBackup Graphical User Interface (GUI). Importing tapes consists of 2 Phases which are illustrated below.

Step 1:

(i) On the NetBackup Administration Console GUI, go to  NetBackup Management > (highlight) Catalog
(ii) On the menu bar go to Actions > Initiate Import, and an "Initialize Import" window should appear.

See Figure 1

Figure 1 - Starting the import


Step 2:

In the "Initialize Import" window, enter the details as required, such as Media Server name, Image type and Media Id (see Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Showing the details being entered


Step 3:

The Tape will now be read to allow NetBackup to find the details of the backup headers.  This is the Phase 1 import. Go to the Activity Monitor to see the details of the Phase 1 import job (see Figure 3).

NOTE:  If any backup images span more than one tape, Phase 1 imports must be performed on all spanned tapes (before proceeding to Phase 2 import).

Figure 3 - Starting the Phase 1 Import


Step 4:

(i) Go to NetBackup Management > Catalog
(ii) On the right hand side of the screen, go to Actions > select Import in the drop-down menu.

See Figure 4

Figure 4 - Setting up to search for imported images


Step 5:

Now we search for the images that are in a state that can be imported.  The easiest way to do this is to leave the settings to "All", for example, All Media ID, All Media Hosts, All Policies, etc. In the Date/Time Range, specify a set of dates which comfortably covers the dates on which the images were backed up (see Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Searching for imported images on which to run Phase 2 import


Step 6:

Now that Step 5 has been carried out, eligible images for Phase 2 import should appear in the Search Results section (see Figure 6). To perform the Phase 2 import:

(i) Highlight the images of interest
(ii) Go to the menu bar, select Actions > Import

Figure 6 - Starting the Phase 2 Import


Further information on Importing Tapes can be found on:  pages 266 - 269 of the Veritas NetBackup (tm) 6.0 System Administrator's Guide, Volume 1 for UNIX & Linux  or in page 336 - 345 of the Symantec NetBackup 6.5 System Administrator's Guide, Volume 1 for UNIX & Linux

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