How to reset or cleanup the device tree on a AIX server?

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Due to inconsistency between the AIX operating system and Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM), it is desirable to reset or cleanup device tree on the AIX.


Perform the following process to clean the device tree on AIX:
1.  mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/
2.  mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/
3.  mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/
4.  mv /etc/vx/ /etc/vx/  ( If present on the system )
5.  Remove non-root device tree entries from the /dev/vx/dmp and /dev/vx/rdmp.
6.  Run "cfgmgr -v"  (This command will perform an OS level scan of connected devices and determine the device states / status).
7.  Restart the VxVM configuration daemon 
(freeze the HA cluster before running this command, if the system is not a stand-alone system)
 # vxconfigd -k -x syslog

If there are large number of disks to be removed from system configuration then it may be desirable write a script to automate the process.

If the above does not work the following steps below may be followed. 
This procedure requires a reboot to complete the process.
1.  Unmount all file systems that are part of VxVM disk groups.
2.  Deport all disk groups.  ( If you are specific about certain disks then you can only deport the disk group that being used by certain disk groups. )
3. Remove all disks from Veritas view:
# vxdisk rm <Disk_XXX>
4. Remove all disks except rootvg and VG's disks from AIX. Some systems may only have has only rootvg.
     # rmdev -l hdiskY -d
     # lsdev -Cc disk | grep Defined --> We should also remove Defined disks. lspv only lists Available disks. May be when these devices were Available left some information on volume manager config info.
     hdisk5 Defined   00-08-01     Other FC SCSI Disk Drive
hdisk6 Defined   00-08-01     Other FC SCSI Disk Drive
# rmdev -l hdiskY -d

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