Reviewer Permissions needed for Delegate Folder access to be viewed in Archive Explorer(AE)

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Reviewer Permissions needed for Delegate Folder access to be viewed in Archive Explorer(AE)


If the Desktop Policy is set(in version 8.0) or the Mailbox Policy(in version 7.5 and below) to sync Folder Level Permissions, then EV will sync permissions exactly as they are within outlook. The permissions set through delegation to the given folder are synchronized into Enterprise Vault, so if a user connects to the "Other Users Folder" within outlook, they will be able to open these archived items. However, if the delegate user uses archive explorer to view the archived items, an error will be displayed stating that access denied listing the users folders. This is due to the fact that the root of the mailbox has a deny permission against everyone but the owner. Viewing the properties of mailbox permissions tab, notice that the two permissions listed are Default and Anonymous, both set to none. If a delegated user attempts to open the mailbox through the Email Accounts -> Advanced options, an error occurs stating that access was denied listing the users folders.


This is expected behavior as Archive Explorer is designed to only show archives where access to the root folders of the mailbox allowed.
A workaround is to grant 'Reviewer Rights" on the root of the Mailbox as this is a 'Folder List" access only and does not give Write or Read permissions.
On the root of the users mailbox to go to Properties and then permissions, add the delegated user and give the user "Reviewer" rights. This will now allow the archive to be shown in archive explorer, and will only list the folders given permissions to through Folder Permissions or delegate control.

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