How to rebuild an index for a mailbox

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Note: The following instructions only apply to Enterprise Vault 9.x and previous versions. If you are running Enterprise Vault 10.0.X OR above please refer to the following article:

Rebuilding an index

Generally, rebuilding an index is an expensive operation with multiple negative consequences:
1. Searches fail against this archive until the index volume(s) are rebuilt.
2. There is a significant increase in CPU load, I/O handling, and network traffic on the Enterprise Vault server.
3. There is no "undo" or "pause" operation once the rebuild operation is initiated.


There are other options that may be appropriate for an index volume which can also be attempted with relatively little negative consequence before considering a full index volume rebuild:
1. Update index volume.  This option is usually appropriate when the index volume needs to be updated to reflect changes to archived items which have not been updated to the index - such as might happen after restoring an index volume from backup.
2. Repair index volume.  This option is usually appropriate if there is an issue with the index volume and it is desired to try to have the index volume "heal" itself, such as when the index volume is marked as "Failed".
If an issue has come up that requires an index volume to be rebuilt, it is a good idea to keep a record of the "current state" of the particular index volume.  This can be done via:
Index Volume rebuild preparation:
1. Stop the Enterprise Vault Indexing service associated with the index volume
2. Move the index volume folder to another location, or rename it
3. Start the Enterprise Vault Indexing service

Index Volume rebuild steps:
In the Enterprise Vault Administration console:
1. Expand Archives
2. Click on Exchange Mailbox
3. On the right column, right click the archive in question and select " Properties"
4. Click on the Index Volumes tab
5. Right click on the index volume in question (this is one of the displayed rows) and select " Rebuild Index Volume"
Note: If the preparatory steps have been followed, then "Update index volume" can be substituted in step 5 with the same effect.


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