Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for NetBackup 6.5.4. (Updated February 22, 2010)

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Late Breaking News (LBN) bulletin for NetBackup 6.5.4. (Updated February 22, 2010)


This article provides late breaking information regarding NetBackup 6.5.4.  Veritas Corporation updates this article as new customer related information pertaining to 6.5.4 products becomes available.

Also note that NetBackup 6.5.5 has been released, please visit the following link for download and readme info:

To keep informed of Late Breaking News for NetBackup 6.5.5, visit the following link:

General Documentation:
Veritas NetBackup (tm) 5.x to NetBackup 6.5 Upgrade Guide

SLP Best Practices Documentation:

Known Issues:
(ET1874894) A potential for data loss has been discovered in NetBackup Server/Enterprise Server where Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) paths may be skipped on backup, yet report a Status 0. This has been observed in the unlikely case where the DFSR path exceeds 256 characters.

(ET1876316) A potential for data loss has been found when running VMware consolidated backups (VCB) in NetBackup 6.5GA and above. Drives which are excluded from the proxy client are also excluded from the Virtual Machines that the proxy client hosts.

(ET1747025) Backups or SLP (Storage LifeCycle Policy) duplications delay in going active even though resources are available, or the incorrect media server is performing the duplication. 

(ET1738911) BUG REPORT: VCB Backups intermittently fail with Status 1 "vfm_gevfm_get_extent on unnamed ntfs file failed error 3"  

(ET1822090) BUG REPORT: After upgrading to 6.5.4, Backups fail with Status 130 "system error occurred" and bpfis.exe generates a fault.

(ET1887452) When a large number of databases are enumerated in an SQL batch file, or when the "DATABASE $ALL" wildcard is used to enumerate a large number of databases, some databases are skipped and not all databases are backed up. No failure is reported in the Activity Monitor.

(ET1889613) When using FlashBackup-Windows policies, attempts to restore a compressed Microsoft Outlook personal folder file (*.pst) will fail with status code 5 reported, although no error was reported when the file was backed up.

(Multiple Etracks) SAN Client Enhancements/fixes for 6.5.4

(ET1679362)  BUG REPORT: Large FullVM Snapshots using VMware Consolidated Backups (VCB) are slower than expected.
 h ttps://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.TECH69722

(ET1788848) A potential for data loss has been discovered with NetBackup 6.5.4 and 6.5.5 when performing optimized duplication of NetBackup Granular backups (Exchange or Active Directory) from one PureDisk/PDDO location to another. Other OpenStorage (OST) configurations are not affected if used in a supported manner.

(ET1542212)   BUG REPORT: There is a known issue in NetBackup 6.5 GA - 6.5.4 where non-existent .ds files are requested for deletion. This bug may lead to additional symptoms such as performance issues, or Status Code 25 (cannot connect on socket) during image cleanup.

(ET1837044)   A potential for data loss has been discovered in NetBackup 6.5GA - 6.5.4. Using the bpexpdate command with the -stype (server type) switch can expire image copies that were not requested to be expired.

(ET1826648) A potential for data loss has been discovered involving NetBackup 6.5.4 for Windows when backing up DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) folders. If a DFSR folder name is identical to a DFSR folder name in another replication group, only one folder is backed up and the backup exits with Status 0 (Successful).

(3RD PARTY) NetBackup Services are randomly shutting down on Windows servers after applying a patch for McAfee McShield 8.5 or 8.7i.

(ET1749866)   A potential for skipped duplications has been discovered in NetBackup 6.5.4 when using Vault, or in NetBackup versions 6.5.1 - 6.5.3 if a specific vltrun binary has been applied. Vault may end with status code 0, 306 or 308 if duplication rules are configured. If a Status 0 occurs due to this issue, duplications are skipped without indication (previously announced alert).

(ET1717193)     , BUG REPORT: In the Windows Java GUI, an "Unable to create table for the Jobs tab" message is seen in "Activity Monitor", "Devices" or other menus. This has been seen after upgrading the Master Server and Java Console to 6.5.4 if the Master Server has multiple NICs.

(ET1709133)   BUG REPORT: The NDMP Direct Copy feature does not perform as expected in NetBackup 6.5.4. Images appear to be duplicated with traditional methods.

(ET1704342)   BUG REPORT: Solaris sun4v clients cannot be registered to the Bare Metal Restore (BMR) DB after upgrading to 6.5.4. As a result, backup jobs end in a Status 1.

(ET1669075)     , BUG REPORT: Closing the NetBackup Java Administrator console (jnbSA, the Java GUI) does not terminate the nbsl session. nbproxy processes run 24 hours before timing out. Frequently starting and stopping the Java GUI may increase the load on the master server due to many nbproxy processes running, which may affect NetBackup performance.

(ET1730632)   BUG REPORT: Under rare circumstances, files and folders may appear to be missing or appear to have been backed up from the wrong location when browsing for Sharepoint granular images.

(ET1680579)   NBU 6.5.4 BUG REPORT: A VCB (VMware Consolidated Backup) job may display spurious "Unable to add to excluded file list error" entries in the Job Details.

(ET1704746) GENERAL ERROR: A NetBackup Operations Manager (NOM) upgrade to version 6.5.4 fails, leaving the user unable to log into the NOM console.

(ET1728017)   Synthetic backups may unexpectedly fail to be scheduled. This can lead to data loss if older full backups expire and no newer synthetic backups have been taken.

(ET1595443) GENERAL ERROR: Applying the NetBackup 6.5.4 release update on Solaris may fail with an invalid VRTSicsco package version error if Private Branch Exchange (PBX) was originally installed with other Veritas software. If this situation occurs, PBX will need to be reinstalled from the NetBackup 6.5 ICS (Infrastructure Core Services) media.

(ET1705939)   A potential for System State data loss has been discovered in NetBackup Server / Enterprise Server 6.5.4. This occur when the System State is selected for backup and snapshot error control is changed from the default setting to "Disable snapshot and Continue". This issue only affects Windows clients.

(ET1518665)   DOCUMENTATION: Unexpected results, up to and including data loss, may occur if changes are made to active Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP).


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