Late Breaking News (LBN) bulletin for Symantec Veritas Backup Reporter 6.6GA. (Updated January 12th, 2010)


Late Breaking News (LBN) bulletin for Symantec Veritas Backup Reporter 6.6GA. (Updated January 12th, 2010)


This TechNote provides late breaking information regarding Symantec Veritas Backup Reporter 6.6GA.  Symantec Corporation updates this TechNote as new customer related information pertaining to this release becomes available. Symantec recommends that you frequently check this TechNote for updates.

Release Update:
The VBR 6.6.2 release update is now available at the following locations:

No documentation updates are available at this time.

Known Issues:
(NEW) (6.6.2) ET1982569: Since upgrading to Release Update 6.6.2, purge of Breakup Job data does not remove any file system objects from the Backup Reporter DB

ET1651497: Installation issues may be experienced when attempting to install or upgrade to Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR) 6.6 on Windows when using the "6.6" media.

ET1483302:   GENERAL ERROR: Spooler Files have .lderr extension and are not being processed by the VBR Agent

ET1805896:   BUG REPORT: DbBackup.bat fails for 64bit (x64) VBR install of 6.6R1.

ET1748737:   BUG REPORT: Agent spooler hangs for an extended period after a NetBackup catarc backup.

ET1836837:   BUG REPORT: Scheduled e-mail Reports show only first page since upgrade to 6.6 - manual report and e-mail is fine.

ET1837443:   Trying to Place Unassigned File Systems using VBR 6.6 View Builder, it fails with a Corba Exception.

ET1794988:   Exception Conditions not working within email reports since upgrading Veritas Backup Reporter to version 6.6

ET1802192:   The out-of-the-box report named Tape Count Trends by Retention Level incorrectly groups unassigned media in with infinite retention media

ET1842952:   BUG REPORT: ''error getting alert list'' message after running changedbpassword--setserverpassword

ET1782555:   BUG REPORT: Attempting to save the Client Risk Analysis report fails with a "could not save report" message.

ET1785745:   BUG REPORT: Saved reports throw an exception after upgrading to VBR 6.6. "An error has occurred. Undefined error."

ET1854758:   BUG REPORT: Agent spoolers are hanging or very slow after running for one to three weeks.

ET1639747:   DEFECT: Object merger fails when trying to merge NetBackup master servers.

ET1836824:   BUG REPORT: Reports that use 'Relative Date' for the Report time Frame and 'Backup Image Expiration Time' as a filter displays more data than expected.

ET1837457:   After upgrading to Veritas Backup Reporter 6.6, reports based on Views do not contain data.

ET1837439:   After upgrading to Veritas Backup Reporter 6.6, Object Mergers now fail with NullPointer Exception.

ET1744117:   BUG REPORT: Spooler processing on the agent may pause intermittently between data loads in Backup Reporter versions 6.5.x and 6.6

ET1724167:   BUG REPORT: Date/time stamps stored in the Backup Reporter (VBR) DB for TSM modules may be inaccurate if the VBR Agent and TSM module hosts are in different timezones

ET1840744:   BUG REPORT: Duplicate job records causing reporting issues

ET1785423:   Merging/aliasing hosts does not help object lookups during data load

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