The Backup Exec License Assessment Tool (BELAT) indicates fewer licenses than purchased.

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The Backup Exec License Assessment Tool (BELAT) indicates fewer licenses than purchased.

For example,  if the number of purchased licenses is 6, BELAT may display only 4 licenses, when the report is run only against the media server
  • The BELAT tool is tied to the BE Database installed on the Media Server.
  • BELAT tool won't reflect what the customer owns (per certificate) since BELAT is not tied into Veritas's Licensing Portal/System, etc.
  • BELAT tool won't provide an error message if the customer goes outside of compliance because BELAT only runs when executed by a the customer.
  • BELAT tool is unable to distinguish the quantity of covered seats by the License. The first step is for the customer to first provide the quantity of covered seats per License (key).

    In the below example the number of covered seats for the Remote Agent for Windows and Netware Systems (RAWS) is not entered and therefore the BELAT Report shows a need to purchase additional licenses.





Enter the number of  seats per license key so the BELAT report can show the correct number. Refer to the example figure below which shows that there is no need to acquire new licenses.
Note:  If you have entered a VIP license, the following window allows you to enter the number of seats licensed. For non-VIP licenses, this window will not appear, and the number of seats cannot be modified.



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