Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers revision 2213 Service Pack 2 Release notes

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Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers revision 2213 Service Pack 2 Release notes


This TechNote contains a list of known issues resolved with Service Pack 2.  

Service Pack 2 is a roll-up of the following Backup Exec 12.5 for Windows Servers hotfixes:

-Service Pack 1
-Hotfix 317053
-Hotfix 317412
-Hotfix 317920
-Hotfix 317966
-Hotfix 318328
-Hotfix 310648
-Hotfix 319237
-Hotfix 319699
-Hotfix 319239
-Hotfix 320467

General Information about this patch:

- During application/installation of the service pack, the Backup Exec User Interface (Remote Administration Console) will be closed.  This is necessary due to some of the files that are being patched.  Please restart the User Interface after the patch has been installed.

- Note 1: The time it takes to generate this alert may cause a slight delay in starting services and the Backup Exec Services Manager may appear when starting the User Interface the first time after installing the service pack. If this happens, it is recommended to close the User Interface and open it again.  If a required reboot has not been done, it is recommended to reboot if any unusual problems/errors occur when attempting operations in Backup Exec.

Note 2: An enhancement has been made to confirm Backup Exec has the correct privileges, user rights, etc... during the startup of the Backup Exec Services.  If any of the required rights have been removed, the Backup Exec Services will fail to start.  For more information on this, review the following:

Backup Exec for Windows Server 12.5 Services failed to start After apply Backup Exec for Windows 12.5 Service Pack 2. Error 0xffffffff: 0xffffffff

- In order to prevent users from running into issues related to the need to reboot the Media server, Backup Exec Services will now check for the need to reboot and an alert will be generated.  
- Installation failure of the Windows Instrumentation Management causes the entire Backup Exec Installation to roll back -
- Backup Exec Job Engine Service is not responding error when not rebooted after install
- Uninstall of hotfixes no longer require source media if DLO is installed

Advanced Disk Based Backup Option
- The restore job will hang if a file/folder is selected from a baseline backup job.

Advance Open File
- When the Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) is installed on a Windows 2000 Server, the server will not shut down normally and hangs at black screen.  

Agent for Lotus Domino
- Backup Exec for Windows server remote agent is crashing in "bedsnote!CLNFSNSFDBRenameFailureElem" on remote machine while running Lotus Domino agent Backups -

Agent for Machintosh Servers
- After installing Hotfix 314380 on OS X 10.4 Power PC the RAMS agent will not start

Agent for Microsoft Exchange
- Error "Cannot log on to MAPI with the specified credentials" when backing up a remote Exchange 2007 Server -
- Issue where some files may be skipped during a backup because they are incorrectly categorized as files that should be excluded from the backup.
- Issue where Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) enabled backups can be incorrectly marked as successful while not actually containing a valid database image.
- OPEN DATABASE FAILED: -1213 The database page size does not match the engine.
- Public Folder GRT restores fails to restore emails that have attachments associated with it.
- Exchange GRT backup receive a jet database error -528 when backing up remote b2d that is located on NAS devices.
- Exchange GRT backup receive a jet database error -1213, -528, -515 or - 1022 when backing up remote b2d ExaGrid device.
- GRT restore of email messages in Plain Text format and HTML format are restored blank
- Backup Exec for Windows Servers Remote Agent (BEREMOTE.EXE) shows a memory leak when backing Exchange GRT data to tape.
- Tape based GRT backups of Exchange 2007 only shows 32 mailboxes
- Exch GRT backups to remote b2d fail with:A memory allocation request failed. The computer may be running low on memory.
- If the Exchange mail has attachment in msg format then the GRT restore doesn't restore attachment and mail body
- ESE timeout errors while backing up Exchange 2007 using the GRT option in BE 12.5
- Recovery point job fails with error "End of data set was unexpectedly encountered."
- BSOD when backing up Exchange GRT to a Buffalo Terrastation
- bengine terminates due to buffer overflow
- Media server crashes after applying Virtfile hotfix

Agent for Microsoft Sharepoint Server
- Restore of individual files/docs from GRT Sharepoint backup is successful with 0 bytes restored
- GRT restore selections are displayed with Block or Kanji character names.
- GRT WSSv2 does not show anything in restore view
- GRT restore is successful with 0 bytes restored
- GRT: Large customer database PDI backup doesn't enumerate past toplevel sites in restore selections
- Backup of large number of Content Db's crashes beremote on media server
- Account information of MOSS2007 site collection is not restored in Japanese environment
- Unable to browse SPS Topology when a WebApplication is missing
- Incorrect number of versions restored when 'include security' is selected and item doesn't inherit permissions
- bpbkar32 coredumps during sharepoint granular backups
- Sharepoint backend server blue screen during granular restore
- Restore of deep folders with version enabled results in SQL error and missing documents

Agent for Microsoft SQL Servers
- Unable to restore large SQL 2K/2K5 databases from encrypted duplicates of software compressed backup sets
- Backups fail after restoring SQL database will full text indexing

Agent for Microsoft Virtual Server
- GRT backups of virtual machines in a Hyper-V environment will complete successfully, but with exceptions.
- AMVS After Applying Backup Exec 12.5 DFSR HOTFIX 315727 or Sp1 Virtual Machines no longer present or selectable for backup.
- GRT tape jobs Fail to mount one or more virtual disk images after applying HOTFIX 310648

Backup Exec Infrastructure Manager
- 64-bit push install fails on first attempt with a credentials error
- Attempting to push out patches to remote agents results in the error "Resource dlls could not be loaded -

Backup Exec User Interface
- Export Expired Media job will export media with status Overwriteable and Not Appendable (Media Full) out of the library -
- The BE 12.5 console in German language has certain options worded incorrectly in the restore job properties pane

Backup and Restore
- File System backup jobs exclude Domino Databases even if the Media server does not have a Domino Agent license.
- Backups where Intelligent Disaster Recovery is enabled will cause the Remote Agent to fail if the credentials supplied are in the Administrators Group
- Jobs cannot be started when the remote agent is not running as the NT Local System Account.  In this condition, the Remote Agent now reports a message to the Event Log indicating the need to change the service to use the Local System Account.
- Backups failing with error "0xe00084f4 - An unknown error has occurred" -
- Backup Exec server service leaks handles.
- Backup jobs that targeting a tape drive that contains a faulty tape could be marked successful.
- Some files may be skipped during a backup because they are mistakenly categorized as files that should be excluded. For example, a built in exclusion for  files matching "ssh?p*.sss" and "ssh??p*.sss" incorrectly matches and excludes extension less files named "ssh" and "sshd."
- This hotfix allows administrators to disable the creation of the BEServer ServiceConnectionPoint object in Active  Directory.
- Backups of Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) servers which replicate entire volumes would either complete successfully without a byte or would  crash the Remote Agent for Windows Systems.
- A selection on device \\server\System? State was skipped because of previous errors with the job.

Central Administration Server Option
- Unable to expand the devices on Managed Media Servers from the Central Administration Server -
- Backup to disk folders are offline when an MMS is started before the CAS, and the backup to disk folders do not come online.
- Performance issue with dynamic browse from MMS when catalogs are centralized

Command Line Utility
- Buffer Overflow Error: bemcmd - o202 i<job id> -ds -v -w
- Database Exception Context:m_QueryTimeoutInSeconds=30 sql= {?= CALL DBO.SAVESCRIPT(} Error:- 536837662: :: -2147217873
- Operation -o107 to "Set wizards as run" will be ignored -
- -o300 Priority and availability global options fail if not changed in UI first.
- Perform consistency check options missing for Active Directory Restore Option -
- Parameter variable (-ps: "@Days After") does not work when specified in a BEMCMD script to generate the Scratch Media Availability report.
- Parameter variable (-ps: "@HOURS") will be ignored when specified in a BEMCMD script to generate a "Recently Written Media" report.

- BE 12.5 installation on SBS 2000 reverts to eval mode after installing HF 309251

Live Update
- Beserver.exe is crashing weekly due to LU scheduled run

- Any exclusion in selection list causes incomplete backup of remaining data
- Unable to redirect the restore of a LUN on a NetApp Filer

- Certain hardware solutions for offhost backups will fail.

Security Updates
- Symantec Security Advisory 08-021





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