Backup Jobs to tape hang in Queued State indefinitely until canceled


Backup Jobs to tape hang in Queued State indefinitely until canceled

Error Message

Backup Exec Media Server Debug Log Shows:


If the Backup Job hangs in a queued state (Figure 1), cancel the job, enable debugging on the media server (see TechNote in Related Documents Section below for more information), and run the job again. 
Figure 1
If the debug of the Media Server shows the "ERROR = 0xe000810e (E_PVL_MEDIA_NOT_AVAILABLE)" error then the resolution below may resolve the issue.
1. If there is any existing data on the tapes the backup hangs on when attempting to write to them (append job), duplicate this data to either disk or another tape.
Note:  If the tapes are in a robotic library/auto-loader, it is recommended to remove any tapes which cannot be overwritten (existing data on tape needs to be saved) prior to performing the steps below.
2. Backup the Backup Exec Database to disk per the instructions in the following Article:
How to run a dump database with the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Utility (BEUtility.exe) to backup the database file to hard disk
After the operation completes, browse to the \Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec\Data Folder.  Copy the BEDB.Bak file to an alternate, safe location.  Rename this file to BEDBQueued1.Bak.  Have this backup file readily available in case a support case needs to be opened with Symantec if the steps in this solution do not resolve the issue.
3. Run a quick erase on the tape(s) and attempt to run the backup again.  If the jobs still hang, proceed to step 4 below.
4. On the "Media" tab and click on  "Online Media"
5. Right-Click the Media that is being used for the Backup Job (tapes which show on the Devices Tab) and select "Associate with Media Set..."
6. Select "Retired Media" from the Dropdown list and click Yes
7. Click on the "Retired Media" Media Set and Right-Click the Media in question and click "Delete" from the list and click Yes.
8. Repeat this process for each piece of Media that needs to be used for the Backup Job and can be overwritten (no data on tape needs to be saved).  
9. Run an inventory job on the tapes and then re-run the backup job(s) again.
Note:  If the issue persists with multiple tapes after performing the steps above and confirming the correct media is being used for the tape drive, please open a support case with the hardware manufacturer to run diagnostics on the tape hardware prior to opening a support case with Symantec. 


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