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Information on the Enterprise Vault files available on the Licensing Portal of

For more information on how to obtain licensing keys and installation downloads refer to


You will notice that there are a number of files available to download on the Enterprise Vault Licensing portal download page.
The first group of files provides either the original release of Enterprise Vault or an updated release called a service pack. You should normally download only the file listed first, which provides the latest service pack.
From Enterprise Vault 10.0 and later the download page also includes files for Enterprise Vault Data Classification Services (DCS) components which you can use to intelligently archive and retain your data in Enterprise Vault.
Enterprise Vault files
Each Enterprise Vault file contains everything you need to install and use Enterprise Vault and any add-on component (except for your license files, which are provided separately) including:
  • Archiving components and associated tools
  • Both the Discovery Accelerator and Compliance Accelerator
  • Adapters, connectors and other add-ons
  • Documentation
Service packs include all the original components of Enterprise Vault, plus:
  • New features,  including those from any previous service packs
  • Fixes, including those from any previous service packs
  • Documentation, updated to include new features and corrections
Each zip file contains an ISO image which you can either mount as a virtual device or burn to a DVD.

The original release of Enterprise Vault is in:

The service packs are in:
where x indicates the major version and n indicates the number of the service pack.
Service packs were added to the licensing portal starting with version 8.0

Separately downloadable Enterprise Vault client applications
As well as being included in the full Enterprise Vault release media, for 11.0.1 and later the following client applications are also available in Symantec_Enterprise_Vault_Clients_x_0_n_Win_Multilingual:
  • API Runtime 
  • Client for Mac OS X 
  • FSA Agent 
  • Outlook Add-In 
Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration Wizard
The minimum operating system required by Enterprise Vault 10.0 is Windows Server 2008 R2, which requires 64-bit hardware. If the Enterprise Vault 9.0 servers run on 32-bit hardware, they must be migrated to 64-bit hardware before deploying Enterprise Vault 10.0. Document 000062948 listed below contains links to documentation and software resources to help you perform the migration.
Data Classification Services files
For detailed information about the Data Classification Services (DCS) files and how to download and extract them please refer to the Data Classification Services Implementation Guide, listed in the Related Articles section below. DCS requires an Oracle database. If you have purchased an entitlement to Oracle for Enterprise Vault Data Classification Services you will need to download the Oracle files from the licensing portal separately using a different serial number.  DCS is supported with Enterprise Vault 10.0.x and later.
Discovery Collector
Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector, for versions 9.0.x and 10.0.x, is not included in the main Enterprise Vault downloads. You can download that from the licensing portal separately using a different serial number.

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