Unable to restore from basket, status = failed.

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The following error is displayed while attempting to restore a basket using Integrated Search in Outlook or Search.asp: 

Error Message

Unable to restore from basket, status = failed.

A DTRACE of the Directory Service will show the following information when the restore is attempted.

235 15:16:27.330 [1128] (DirectoryService) <1956> EV:M HRXEX fn trace :|Source : .\DirectoryServiceObject.cpp (CDirectoryServiceObject::ReadArchiveRetrievalTaskByMailboxDN) [lines {17603,17612,17615,17618,17648,17651,17654,17679}] built Sep 17 22:05:37 2008|Description: Call error 0x80004005
236 15:16:27.330 [1128] (DirectoryService) <1956> EV~E Event ID: 8391 The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryService object reported an error.| |Unspecified error| |



In order for Enterprise Vault to be able to restore items to a users mailbox using the integrated search ( search.asp ) the Enterprise Vault service account must have "send as" and "receive as" permissions on the target mailbox. The user also needs to be enabled for Enterprise Vault. Per the Enterprise Vault Administrators Guide, the Enterprise Vault Service Account should have these rights for all mailboxes being archived by Enterprise Vault.


How to verify if the Enterprise Vault Service Account has the correct permissions:

  1. Create an Outlook profile for the target mailbox on the Enterprise Vault Server while logged on as the Enterprise Vault Service Account.
  2. Send a message as to the target users mailbox. The message should arrive in the box with no problem.
  3. If this fails with "access denied", then the "send as" and "receive as" permissions need to be granted to the Enterprise Vault Service Account.


  1. Make sure the target mailbox is enabled in Enterprise Vault.
  2. Grant the Enterprise Vault "send as" and "receive as" permission on the mailbox user in question. 
  3. After the Exchange permissions are synchronized, clear the temporary internet files and attempt the restore again.

Alternative Solution:
It is also possible to see this same error in a situation where there is no Mailbox Archiving Task associated with the user performing the restore. This can be seen, for instance, in environments where only Journal Archiving is implemented and no Mailbox Archiving Tasks exist; shopping basket restores will still request a mailbox to use for authentication to Exchange, and this error will be encountered when it turns out no Mailbox Archiving Task is associated with the user entered. To work around this, create a Mailbox Archiving Task to service the Exchange server that hosts the mailbox of the restoring user.



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