PST Locator Task's registry search and hard disk search failed due to errors reading the remote registry

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When the PST Locator Task searches a remote workstation, the registry search status states "The network path was not found" and the hard disk search status states "Failed to read registry to get the list of drives : The network path was not found."

Error Message

Failed to read registry to get the list of drives : The network path was not found.


The Locate and Migrate method uses a PST Locator Task to scan remote workstations and locate PST files based on a scan of the remote registry and/or hard drive. The Remote Registry service on the workstation enables remote users to access and modify registry settings on the computer. If this service is stopped, the registry can be accessed only by users logged on locally to the workstation; the PST Locator Task will be unable to scan the workstation remotely, and the errors above will result.


1. On the workstation in question, start the "Remote Registry" service and set 'Startup type' to "Automatic."

Note: This is set by default in Windows XP, but it may be modified to tighten security.

2. Delete the computer object from the Computers container in the Vault Administration Console (VAC).
 a. Open the VAC.
 b. Expand Personal Store Management.
 c. Select the Computers container.
 d. Locate and delete the computer entry for the workstation.

3. Right-click the PST Locator Task, choose Run Now, and select the following options:
  • Search for new computers
  • Registry search
  • Hard disk search

4. Verify that the desired computer object is returned in the Computers container.

5. Verify that the Registry search status and Hard disk search status show Success.

If unsuccessful, perform the following to test remote access to the registry outside of EV:

1. On the EV server, log on as the account specified in the PST Locator Task.
2. Select Start => Run => regedt32 to open the Registry.
3. Select File => Connect Network Registry.
4. Locate and verify it is possible to access the HKEY_USERS and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hives of the remote workstation.

Applies To

Enterprise Vault (EV) provides multiple methods for migrating (importing) the contents of PST files to archives; the above errors occur when using the Locate and Migrate method, also sometimes called Server-based Migration.

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