Error E000FE30 : A communication failure has occurred when attempting to backup or restore an ESX 3.5 server

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Error E000FE30 : A communication failure has occurred when attempting to backup or restore a ESX 3.5 server

Error Message

E000FE30 : A communication failure has occurred.


When attempting to run a backup or restore job to a Vmware ESX 3.5 server utilizing the Remote Agent for Linux and Unix Servers (RALUS) agent while the ESX firewall is enabled generates the error and no byte count occurs. Disabling the firewall, in troubleshooting this issue, allows successful backups and restores.

This error is caused when the ESX server's firewall is not configured with correct port exceptions to be used by Backup Exec.


    Use the following command to verify if fifty or more ports, for both inbound are specified for the dynamic port range use by the beremote service for DATA communications. In addition, verify NDMP port 10000 for control communications during a backup / restore has also been made available for the service.

      esxcfg-firewall -Q

      If the ports are not specified proceed to the resolution section  

      : Symantec recommends having NDMP port 10000 and a specific dynamic port range available on the Backup Exec media server as well as on the remote systems.

        Perform the steps listed below:

          1. Open 50 ports (i.e. starting at 50000 to 50050) ; TCP (out) review the appropriate Vmware administrative/User guides or contact Vmware technical support for assistance.
            Note: Example open port command would be: esxcfg-firewall -o 50000,tcp,in,RALUS

            2. In Backup Exec, set port rage use in step 1 under Tools | Options | Network & Security
            3. Restart Backup Exec services.
            4. Ran the following commands from the ESX server:
              - esxcfg-firewall --load
              - service iptables stop
              - service iptables start
              - VRTSralus stop and start
              - service iptables status

              Note: The ESX server status for its Iptables should shows that all ports specified are now open both inbound and outbound traffic.
              5. Run the ESX backup job again.

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