Backup Exec LiveUpdate utility

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How to use the Backup Exec LiveUpdate utility to add, remove, opt in, or opt out of LiveUpdate.


By default Backup Exec is registered with LiveUpdate and is configured to receive updates anytime LiveUpdate is run from Backup Exec.  In cases where these default settings wished to be changed, the Backup Exec LiveUpdate utility (BeUpdateOps.exe) can modify these settings to allow Backup Exec to opt out of receiving updates when the other Symantec applications run LiveUpdate.  The utility is run from the command line, and comes with the following switches:

    AddBE - This will register Backup Exec with LiveUpdate. This allows Backup Exec to receive updates from LiveUpdate.

    RemoveBE - This will unregister Backup Exec with LiveUpdate. Patches will not be downloaded and installed from LiveUpdate. They will have to be manually downloaded and installed.

    OptIn - This will set Backup Exec to be updated whenever LiveUpdate is run. For example, if running LiveUpdate from within Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP), it will update Backup Exec.

    OptOut - This will set Backup Exec to be updated only when LiveUpdate is launched from within Backup Exec.

    S - This will run BeUpdateOps.exe utility with no user interaction or repsonse required.

    Note:  The -S switch is to be used along with the other switches.

    Example  1:  BeUpdateOps.exe -AddBE -OptOut (as shown in figure)

    Example  2:  BeUpdateOps.exe -AddBE -OptOut -S (as shown in figure)


    Note:  The OptIn and OptOut switches will not affect the LiveUpdate patch scheduling feature within Backup Exec. This can be configured through Tools > Options > Live Update, within the Backup Exec management console.

    - The utility can only be run on Backup Exec media servers. The application has to be patched to Backup Exec 12.0 revision 1364 Service Pack 1 with HOTFIX 302980 or above.
    - LiveUpdate 3.3 or higher must be installed.  The latest version of LiveUpdate can be obtained from here:  


      Note:  Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) will upgrade LiveUpdate to version 3.3. If Backup Exec is the only LiveUpdate enabled product on the machine, then the LiveUpdate version will be 3.2 for Backup Exec 12.0. The version of LiveUpdate can be checked in Backup Exec by going to Tools > Liveupdate and then in the initial LiveUpdate screen selecting Options > About LiveUpdate.

      Note:  The zip file contains a 32bit version and a x64bit version of the utility. The 32bit version must be run on 32bit Backup Exec media servers; the x64bit version must be run on x64bit Backup Exec media servers.

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