DOCUMENTATION and DOWNLOAD: How to install and use Veritas NetBackup Catalog Consistency Utility (NBCC)

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DOCUMENTATION and DOWNLOAD: How to install and use Veritas NetBackup Catalog Consistency Utility (NBCC)


NBCC is a Veritas utility used to confirm the integrity of portions of the NetBackup catalog.  NBCC accomplishes this by gathering program environment information, NetBackup configuration information, NetBackup catalog information, performing consistency checks of the NetBackup catalogs, and then doing any final processing.  

Please see the readme file within the .zip file below for a listing of new NBCC featured and enhancements.

Place the correct platform binary of NBCC on the master server in the /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/support (for UNIX and Linux) or the <install_path>\NetBackup\bin\support directory (Windows).  

To uninstall, manually remove NBCC binary from the above directory.  

The different phases of the process are broken down as follows:
Phase I - Gather program environment information:
This includes things such as operating system name and version, system root directory, configured network interfaces, etc.  
Phase II - Gather configuration information:
NBCC gathers information such as the NetBackup version, media retention levels, and storage unit information. For NetBackup 6.5, NBCC also gathers unrestricted sharing status and server group information if media sharing is enabled.
Phase III - Gather NetBackup catalog information:
Among the items collected are image database information and media database information.  
Phase IV - Check the consistency of the NetBackup catalogs.
Phase V - NBCC final processing:
In this final step, default NBCC files are updated, and, if necessary, preparing the bundled support package.  

For more detail on any of these steps or on the use of the NBCC utility, run the NBCC utility from the command line with the -help switch.  Given the size of the output of the -help switch, it is recommended the output be piped to a file for review in a text editor.  

  • NBCC is designed for use with the all the following revisions of NetBackup:
3.4, 3.4.1, 4.5 (MP & FP), 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.5 and 6.5.x.  (Note: NBCC is included with NetBackup 6.5.4)
  • NBCC inspects file system usage characteristics prior to the unloading of NetBackup configuration and catalog information and prior to the creation of a support package.  This includes available free file system space (in Kilobytes).  The NBCC requires, by default 1024000 Kilobytes.  This amount can be modified using switches provided below.
  • For NetBackup 6.0 and greater, the EMM server must be operational.
  • The vmd process must be running on the master server, and on all other servers that act as volume database hosts for servers in the NetBackup configuration.
  • The bpdbm process must be running on the master server.
  • All media servers must be up and running, with NetBackup installed, the ltid process running, and network services configured.
  • The UTC time on all servers in the NetBackup configuration and the on which the NBCC program is run, must be synchronized to within a few minutes of each other.  FAILURE TO MAKE SURE THE CLOCKS ARE SYNCHRONIZED MAY CAUSE NBCC TO REPORT INACCURATE RESULTS!
  • If NBCC is run in interactive mode, the end-user is prompted if the master or any media servers are part of a fail-over cluster.  AN INCORRECT ANSWER MAY RESULT IN NBCC REPORTING INACCURATE RESULTS!
  • A correctly updated ..\NetBackup\Bin\support\config\nbcc-server-aliases file
  • On the first run of the NBCC utility, NBCC creates this file with the instructions on how to edit it.  
  • NBCC populates this file with host names and IP addresses based on the NetBackup configuration and configured host services.
  • Virtual host names may need to be manually added for clustered environments.

Note: It is important to review (and edit if necessary) the nbcc-server-aliases file prior to running NBCC to ensure that accurate IP addresses and associated primary and alias hostnames are listed.  FAILURE TO DO SO MAY RESULT IN INACCURATE CATALOG INCONSISTENCIES BEING REPORTED!

Note: NBCC translates all hostnames to lower-case for internal processing.

  • NBCC should be installed and run from the following directory:

Note: If for some reason it is desirable to run NBCC from a different directory location (ex. available file system space), NBCC utilizes the default directory location of ..\NetBackup\Bin\support\config to create/read the nbcc-server-aliases file.
  • To be certain that catalog consistency problems are identified and fixed correctly, it is highly desirable that no NetBackup jobs are running or started from the time when the data is collected until the time when the repair work is completed.  It may be necessary to deactivate all classes/policies.

Note: It is possible to run NBCC while NetBackup jobs are running, but this may make it more difficult to correct catalog inconsistencies because NBCC will be running against "a moving target".
  • For NetBackup 5.X, NBCC assumes that the Volume DB(s) is/are not shared with another NetBackup installation.  If a Volume DB is shared by *multiple* master servers, catalog inconsistencies will be reported.  NBCC should be run on each master server and the resulting support packages sent to Veritas support for analysis.
  • For NetBackup 6.X, NBCC assumes that the EMM server is not shared with another NetBackup installation.  If a EMM server is shared by *multiple* master servers, catalog inconsistencies will be reported.  NBCC should be run on each master server and the resulting support packages sent to Veritas support for analysis.

-batch   Run NBCC in a non-interactive mode.  In this mode:

          - Automatic overwriting of the NBCC output report will occur if the output report already exists.
          - Failed NetBackup cluster server detection cannot be overridden.
          - No support package will be created for cases where no NetBackup catalog inconsistencies are detected.

-cluster   = Used to indicate that either the master server or a media server is part of a fail-over cluster

-debug   = NBCC will add additional program debug information to the nbcc-info.txt file.
Note: This will cause the size of this file to increase substantially.

-gather  = NBCC will gather NetBackup configuration and catalog information only.  No NetBackup catalog consistency checks are done.

-help    = Output this NBCC help information.

-idar    = Used to include checks to identify abandoned tape media resources.

-kbfree  = To alter the amount of free filesystem space required to run NBCC from the default value.  Whole numbers only.

-nozip   = NBCC will skip the creation of a support package bundle, leaving the generated NBCC files in the output directory.

-nqahn   = NBCC will skip the checking for configured host services nd will not check for hostname aliases for any hostnames that
                detected that were not part of the default "nbcc-server-aliases" file.

          Note:  This option should only be used in cases where the addition of associated alias hostname IS NOT desired.

-terse   = NBCC will only extract the fields associated with the consistency checks from each catalog record into the individual catalog
          content files.

-upgrade = NBCC will only include consistency checks that relate to the ability to upgrade the NetBackup catalog.

-version = Output the internal version number of NBCC.


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