VxGather Utility Update ver.1.2.2


VxGather Utility Update ver.1.2.2


VxGather is a log collecting utility for Symantec Backup Exec used in Tech Support troubleshooting.


The files in the archive are split into two directories.  If the computer that is being diagnosed has a 32 bit processor, use the files in the 32bit directory.  If it has a 64 bit processor, use the x64bit directory.  Copy the VxGather.exe and VxGather.xml files from the appropriate directory into the Backup Exec directory.  By default, this directory is C:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec.

Note that the VxGather files can also be installed into any temporary directory and run directly from there.


Please see   http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH87299 for details on using the VxGather utility.

Release Notes

This update includes the following changes to the destination of the following files.  For the most part they just make it easier to navigate the resulting log files.  However, this update does also resolve a problem in which the event logs weren't always being gathered properly.
The destinations for the following have been moved to "Backup Exec Base Logs"
  • Application Event Log
  • System Event Log
  • Security Event Log
  • Directory Service Event Log
  • DNS Server Event Log
  • File Replication Service Event Log
  • ipconfig.txt 
  • hosts
  • lmhosts
  • services
  • netstat.txt
  • vxxres.txt
  •  DetailedSCSI.txt

Removed DetailedSCSI.txt from Backup Exec NDMP agent logs because it is already being gathering by default in the Backup Exec Base Logs.

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