The Enterprise Vault tab is not visible on the Outlook folders properties.

The Enterprise Vault tab is not visible on the Outlook folders properties.

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The Enterprise Vault tab is not visible when viewing the properties of Outlook folders


The Enterprise Vault tab is only available when the Enterprise Vault Outlook Add-In is in full mode.


First, determine if Lite mode or Full mode is being used:

1. In Outlook 2010 or 2013, click File | Enterprise Vault
2. It will either show Lite functionality enabled or Full functionality enabled

Note: Lite mode is enabled by default, hence users have no access to the Enterprise Vault properties of folders.

Update appropriate Desktop Policy:

1. Open the Enterprise Vault Admin Console
2. Click Policies --> Exchange --> Desktop
3.  Open the Desktop policy for the user(s) Affected
4.  Click on the "Advanced" tab
5. Select "Outlook" in the drop down
6. Change "Outlook Add-In Behavior" to "Full"

Note: Confirm the Folder Properties Visible setting is set to "Show Tab"

7. Right click the mailbox archive task for the user and select "Properties"
8. Click the "Synchronization" tab
9. Click "Selected mailboxes"
10. Click "Synchronize"
11. Search for the user(s) mailbox and select it.
12. Click "OK"

Full mode:

If Full mode is being used and the "Enterprise Vault" tab is not on the properties of Outlook folders, run ResetEVClient utility.

1. Close Outlook
2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to \Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient\
3. Double click on "ResetEVClient.exe"

The "Enterprise Vault" tab should be on the properties on Outlook folders.



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