Locate and Migrate (Server-Driven) PST Migration Process Explained

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Locate and Migrate (Server-Driven) PST Migration Process Explained


Prerequisites :


1.    Create a PST Holding folder (preferably locally on the EV Server) and share the folder Sharing permissions should include:

·         Everyone – Read

·         The account used for the 'Log On' account for PST Locator, PST Collector, and PST Migrator Tasks (i.e. PSTAdmin) - Full Control

·         Vault Service Account - Full Control


Note: PSTAdmin’ account should also be in the ‘Domain Admins’ group or another group that is a local Administrator (or has administrative privileges) on all Workstations, Servers and Network Storage devices that will be discovered for PST Migrations.


2.    Verify the PST Holding folder is configured in the Vault Admin Console (VAC) -

Go to EV Site Name| Properties| PST Holding Folder




3.    Verify the account used in the 'Log On' tab for the PST tasks is a 'PST Administrator' in the EV environment. To verify this perform the following [ In the VAC, right-click on 'Directory on EVServerName'| Select 'Authorization Manager'| Expand 'Role Assignments'| Select 'PST Administrator' and verify that the account used for the PST tasks is in this list. If not, add the account and then save the change when prompted. ]


4.    On the EV Server, modify the Local Security Policy and add the Vault Service Account and the logon account being used for the PST Tasks to the following Policies:

·         Act as part of the operating system

·         Log on as a service

·         Replace a process level token


5.    Create a PST Migrator Task [ In the VAC, highlight Tasks| On right hand pane, right-click| Select 'New'| Select the Task that needs to be created ]


6.    Create a separate 'Temporary files folder' (Called ‘PST Temp’ folder) locally on the EV Server (Note: default permissions can be used). This cannot be the same location as the PST Holding location and cannot be a subdirectory under the PST Holding folder. Once the folder is created, modify the setting below:



7.    Create a PST Locator Task.


8.    Create a PST Collector Task.


Locate and Migrate (Server-Driven) PST Migration Process :


1.    When the PST Locator Task runs, it performs a discovery of the domains and computers in the network and locates PST files. It then sets them to 'Do Not Migrate' status if it can associate the PST with a mailbox or 'Not Ready' status if it cannot associate a PST with a mailbox and places them in the 'Files' container under 'Personal Store Management' in the Vault Admin Console (VAC). Once changed to 'Ready to Copy' status (manual process), the file is awaiting the Collector Task to run.

Note: If the PST is in a 'Not Ready' status, it will be necessary to associate that PST with a mailbox before it can be migrated. To accomplish, right-click on the PST in the 'Files' container and select the 'Mailbox' and 'Destination archive' that is desired.


2.    When the PST Collector Task runs, it copies the PST to the 'PST Holding' folder' . Once the PST finishes copying to the 'PST Holding folder' (Note: the PST Migrator Tasks need to be in 'Processing' status for the PST to continue to migrate). If the PST Migrator Task is not in a 'Processing'  status, then the PST will stay in a 'Ready to Migrate' status until the PST Migrator Task begins processing.


3.    When the PST Migrator Task runs, it copies the PST from the 'PST Holding folder' to the 'Temporary files folder' [PST Temp folder] (this is called Migrating Status). Once the copy has finished, the PST goes to a 'Complete' status and both holding files in the 'PST Holding folder' and 'Temporary files folder' are deleted and the PST will be ingested.

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