Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for NetBackup 6.5.3. (Updated July, 23rd, 2009)

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Late Breaking News (LBN) bulletin for NetBackup 6.5.3. (Updated July, 23rd, 2009)


This article provides late breaking information regarding NetBackup 6.5.3 servers and client. Veritas Corporation updates this article as new customer related information pertaining to 6.5.3 products becomes available. The issues noted below are resolved in 6.5.4 unless otherwise noted.  A customer experiencing one or more of the issues below should upgrade to 6.5.4 for resolution.

Recent Updates:

(NEW) SLP Best Practices Documentation

6.5.3 Hotfix 1 Announcement:

NetBackup addresses the following known issues:

Fixed in and 6.5.4 (ET1391305) alert Calendar based schedules which have a configured window spanning midnight, going active after midnight may skip backups.

Fixed in and 6.5.4 (ET1445633) Unexpected behavior of calendar based backups on days where DST changes the system time.

Fixed in and 6.5.4 (ET1483219) alert: On environments with NetBackup 6.5.2 or 6.5.3 master servers, data loss may occur on days where the addition of a daylight savings time (DST) offset is applied when scheduled backups are erroneously skipped.

Please view the package read me's for a full list of addressed issues.

For Frequently Asked Questions, Documentation Updates:

NetBackup updates the NetBackup Scheduler component (nbpem).  The documents below detail the expected scheduling behavior at with applied:

NetBackup Schedules and Daylight Savings Time

General Documentation:
Veritas NetBackup (tm) 5.x to NetBackup 6.5 Upgrade Guide, Version "C" (updated September 29, 2008)

Veritas NetBackup 6.5.3 Documentation Updates

Veritas NetBackup 6.5.3 for Microsoft SharePoint Server Administrator's Guide

How to configure NetBackup Resource Broker (nbrb) to improve resource allocation performance.

6.5.3/ Known Issues:

The issues below are known to exist in NetBackup 6.5.3 and  Customers who have received a 6.5.3 EEB fix do not require a EEB to address the following Etracks:

The Following are issues occurring when using Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP):

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1459849)  alert A potential for data loss has been discovered in NetBackup 6.5/6.5.x when using Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP). Retention periods or cache periods in the SLP that are set to infinity, or greater than 25 years, may lead to skipped duplications or missing backup copies.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1444319)  Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) images are not being removed properly from the EMM image table list.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1448201)  When using Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP) dup manager in nbstserv may create zombie nbdelete processes when calling 'nbdelete -allvolumes'.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1487578) BUG REPORT: The MAX_MINUTES_TIL_FORCE_SMALL_DUPLICATION_JOB setting is not being honored as part of a Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP)

The following issues occur with the Lotus Notes Agent

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1474908) BUG REPORT: Lotus restore pre-fetches lesser log extents than specified by the parameter LOTUS_NOTES_LOGCACHESIZE; TAR recovery of the restored transaction log fails with nblnagent error code 30

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1469659) Lotus restore is not pre-fetching the expected number of log extents when LOTUS_NOTES_LOGCACHESIZE is greater than 127.

The following issues occur with the NetBackup Operations Manager (NOM):

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1500751) BUG REPORT: nomsupport.bat fails to run, error : Some of the paths in the Parameter does not exist

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1463198)  NetBackup Operations Manager not displaying drive usage.

The following issues occur with the NetBackup Option for VMWare:

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1633379) Improvements in virtual machine discovery and vSphere support in NetBackup for VMware 6.5.3 and 6.5.4

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1475867) BUG REPORT: VMWare Consolidated Backup can hang if the Virtual Machine consist of an unmappable volume.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1474423)  DOCUMENTATION: How to prevent File system quiescing when using NetBackup 6.5.x and VMWare Consolidated Backup

Other Conditional Known Issues:

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1544994) BUG REPORT: Hot Catalog backup fails with status code 2

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1477479) BUG REPORT:  San Client "report LUNS" failure when trying to configure Fibre Transport devices

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1538448) BUG REPORT:  Problems creating and using a Solaris 10 Update 6 (10/08) and later Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Shared Resource Tree (SRT)

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1526089) BUG REPORT: After upgrade from 6.0_MP7 to 6.5.3, MSSQL multi-striped restores fail for x64/ia64 Media Servers/Clients.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1506354) A potential for data loss has been discovered in NetBackup Enterprise Server when backing up hard links on a Windows 2008 Server or Vista client, if these hard links are also Shadow Copy Components. This does not affect user data at this time.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1481295) BUG REPORT: In NetBackup 6.5.2 and 6.5.3, bpjobd can not utilize file descriptors with id's over 1024 on some operating systems. This can cause NetBackup to hang when an excessively large number of file descriptors are in use.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1423950 ) BUG REPORT: When running NetBackup version 6.5.2 or 6.5.3, various processes will hang on AIX Master Servers requiring a recycle to recover.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1286523) BMR master servers configured to collect Windows configuration may hang after upgrade

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1395927) Restores will fail on FlashBackup images written to AdvancedDisk, SharedDisk, PureDisk or OpenStorage disk pools.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1388250) Backup jobs for HP-UX clients fail with status 49 after applying PHSS_33946 or PHSS_38140.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1409088) BUG REPORT: NetBackup Java Console Activity Monitor's Kilobytes field incorrectly reports extremely high values for Disk Staging Storage Unit (DSSU) Duplication jobs.

Fixed in 6.5.4  (ET1432045) BUG REPORT:  After a DR Restore of a Windows 2008 Client, the Event Viewer Service will not start.

Fixed in 6.5.4  (ET1298236) BUG REPORT: EMM stops after the NetBackup calculation for file system space returns incorrect results.

Fixed in 6.5.4  (ET1461612) BUG REPORT: A potential for skipped duplications has been discovered in NetBackup Enterprise Server 6.5, 6.5.1, 6.5.2 and 6.5.3 environments using Vault. Vault will fail with error 306 if at least one duplication batch does not satisfy any of the duplication rules configured.

Fixed in 6.5.4  (ET1455909) BUG REPORT: After applying NetBackup Release Update 6.5.3, nbjm.exe terminates unexpectedly.

Fixed in 6.5.4  (ET1473443) BUG REPORT: Duplication of Exchange backup with Granular Restore information from disk to tape is very slow. The job appears to have hung.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1411637) BUG REPORT: MS SQL Backup Parent job has an Active Status but hangs until it times out or is canceled. The dbbackex.exe process on the MS SQL Client does not exit.

Fixed in 6.5.4 (ET1500311) alert: With NetBackup for SharePoint Portal Server 6.5.2 and 6.5.3, during a document-level restore of a SharePoint 2007 database, a success (status code 0) may be reported but individual files are not restored when the recycle bin is not empty.


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