DOCUMENTATION: In NetBackup 6.x and 7.x, what does the output of "bpdbjobs -most_columns" mean?

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DOCUMENTATION: In NetBackup 6.x and 7.x, what does the output of "bpdbjobs -most_columns" mean?


NetBackup 6.0 Commands Guide for UNIX and Linux (pages 84-90)
NetBackup 6.0 Commands Guide for Windows (pages 80-86)
NetBackup 6.5 Commands Guide for UNIX and Linux (pages 88-95)
NetBackup 6.5 Commands Guide for Windows (pages 83-90)
Symantec NetBackup 7.0 Commands Guide (pages 96-103)
Symantec NetBackup 7.5 Commands Reference Guide (pages 110-118)

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The following list describes the fields included in the output of a bpdbjobs -most_columns command.

1 jobid
2 jobtype
3 state
4 status
5 class
6 schedule
7 client
8 server
9 started
10 elapsed
11 ended
12 stunit
13 try
14 operation
15 kbytes
16 files
17 pathlastwritten
18 percent
19 jobpid
20 owner
21 subtype
22 classtype
23 schedule_type
24 priority
25 group
26 masterserver
27 retentionunits
28 retentionperiod
29 compression
30 kbyteslastwritten
31 fileslastwritten
32 trystatus
33 trystatusdescription
34 parentjob
35 kbpersec
36 copy
37 robot
38 vault
39 profile
40 session
41 ejecttapes
42 srcstunit
43 srcserver
44 srcmedia
45 dstmedia
46 stream
47 suspendable
48 resumable
49 restartable
50 datamovement
51 snapshot
52 backupid
53 killable
54 controllinghost

For some fields, numerical values are given:

field 2 (jobtype)
NumJob TypeReleaseDescription
0Backup5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is a backup.
1Archive5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is an archive.
2Restore5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is a restore.
3Verify5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is a verify.
4Duplicate5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is a duplication.
5Import5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is a phase 1 or phase 2 import.
6Catalog Backup5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is a catalog backup.
7Vault5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is a vault duplication.
8Label5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is labeling a tape.
9Erase5.x / 6.0Indicates the job is erasing a tape.
10Tape Request6.0Indicates a tape request has been issue from the GUI or by using the tpreq command.
11Cleaning6.0Indicates the job is cleaning a tape drive.
12Tape Formatting6.0Indicates the job is to format a tape.
13Physical Inventory6.0Indicates the job is a physical inventory of a robotic library.
14Qualification6.0Indicates the job is a qualification test of a drive or robotic library.
15DB Recovery Catalog recovery
16Media Contents Media Contents
17Image Delete6.5Image catalog Cleanup job.
18LiveUpdate LiveUpdate

field 3 (state)
NumJob StateDescription
0QueuedIndicates the job is queued and is awaiting resources.
1ActiveIndicates the job is active.
2Re-QueuedIndicates the job was active and is now re-queued and is awaiting resources.
3DoneIndicates the job is done.
4SuspendedIndicates the job has been suspended.
5IncompleteIndicates the job did not complete.

field 5 (policy)
The policy that this job is associated with.

field 6 (schedule)
The schedule that this job is associated with.

field 14 (operation)
0MountingIndicates a tape is currently being mounted
1PositioningIndicates a tape is currently being positioned
2ConnectingIndicates NetBackup is connecting to a media server
3WritingIndicates a tape is currently being written to
4Choosing Images 
5Duplicating Images 
6Choosing Media 
7Catalog Backup 
8Eject and Report 
9 This option is not used.
10ReadingIndicates a tape is currently being read from
11DuplicateIndicates a duplication is being performed
12ImportIndicates an import is being performed
13VerifyIndicates a verify is being performed
14RestoreIndicates a restore is being performed
16VaultIndicates a Vault operation is being performed
17LabelIndicates a tape is being labeled
18EraseIndicates a tape is being erased

field 21 (subtype: submittal type)
0ImmediateIndicates and immediate manual backup has been performed.
1ScheduledIndicates a schedule backup has been performed.
2UserDirectedIndicates a user directed backup or archive has been performed.
3Quick EraseIndicates a quick erase of a tape is being performed.
4Long EraseIndicates a long erase of a tape is being performed

field 22 (class_type)
NumPolicy TypeDescription
0StandardUse for Unix, Linux and OSX clients
1ProxyNetBackup internal setting
2Non-StandardNetBackup internal setting
3Apollo-wbakNetBackup DataCenter only
8MS-SharepointNetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
9MS-WindowsNot active, use MS-Windows-NT (13) for Windows 2000/NT/XP/2003 clients.
13Windows-NTUse for Windows clients
17SAPNetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
18DB2NetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
20FlashBackupNetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
21Split-MirrorNetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
22AFSNetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
23DFSNot an active policy type.
26NCR-TeradataNo longer supported, contact NCR to see if they provide an extension.
29FlashBackup-WindowsNetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
33MacintoshNot active, use Standard (0) for Macintosh OSX clients.
34Disk StagingNetBackup Server /Enterprise Server only
35NBU-CatalogNetBackup 6.0 only
36GenericNew in NetBackup 7.5
37CMS_DBNew in NetBackup 7.5
38PureDisk_ExportNew in NetBackup 7.5
39Enterprise_VaultNew in NetBackup 7.5
40VMwareNew in NetBackup 7.5
41HyperVNew in NetBackup 7.5

field 23 (schedule_type)
NumSchedule TypeDescription
0FullIndicates a Full backup schedule.
1IncrIndicates a Differential Incremental schedule.
2UserBackupIndicates a User-directed backup schedule.
3UserArchiveIndicates a User-directive archive schedule.
4Cumulative-IncrIndicates a Cumulative Incremental schedule

field 24 (priority)
The priority that is assigned to this job, as configured in the policy attributes.

field 50 (datamovement)
NumData Movement typeDescription
1IR Disk Only 
2IR Disk And Storage Unit 
4Disk Staging 


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