BUG REPORT: NetBackup 6.5 Storage Lifecycle Policy duplication jobs fail after 2 hours of running with status 50


BUG REPORT: NetBackup 6.5 Storage Lifecycle Policy duplication jobs fail after 2 hours of running with status 50

Error Message

client process aborted


The NetBackup Job Manager (nbjm) process was cancelling jobs erroneously. The Detailed Status of the job in the NetBackup Activity Monitor would indicate status code 50 (client process aborted). The duplication job would exit with status code 191 (no images were successfully processed).

Bug: 1318455

Environment/Conditions:  Duplications of large backup images that took over 2 hours in running time would fail consistently with error code 50 noted in the Detailed Job status.

Log Evidence:
Unified log for nbjm process - originator ID 117
8/5/2008 07:52:04.941 PID:2060 TID:5476 [SignalProcess::Signal] (0000000003825E60) signal=1, forced termination=1, status=0, pid=4272, processName="E:\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\bpduplicate.exe", jobid=48177(SignalProcess.cpp:132)
8/5/2008 07:52:06.176 PID:2060 TID:5924 [SignalProcess::processProcessRecordMsg] (0000000003825E60) no matching pid found for 4272 to signal, process may have already terminated, jobid=48177(SignalProcess.cpp:351)
8/5/2008 07:52:06.176 PID:2060 TID:5924 [SignalProcess::~SignalProcess] (0000000003825E60) unable to signal job will request termination for jobid=48177, status=0(SignalProcess.cpp:99)
8/5/2008 07:52:06.191 PID:2060 TID:5924 [CallbackQueue::queueRequest] queueing JL updateJobStatus : jobid=48177, status=50, birthtime=0 -- retry count=-1(CallbackQueue.cpp:1268)
8/5/2008 07:52:06.191 PID:2060 TID:5500 [CallbackQueue::handle_input] sending JL updateJobStatus : jobid=48177, status=50(CallbackQueue.cpp:1391)
8/5/2008 07:52:08.740 PID:2060 TID:5500 [JobMapper::startDelayedJob] (00000000008AA3E0) job not found in the delayed job map, jobid=48177(JobMapper.cpp:1026)

There is no workaround available.

Please apply the appropriate release update to resolve this issue.

ETA of Fix:
The formal resolution to this issue (ETrack 1318455) is included in the following patch release:
  • NetBackup 6.5 Release Update 3 (6.5.3)
This release is available at the support web site at:

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