Patch provides fixes and enhancements to Symantec Veritas Backup Reporter (tm) version 6.5.1 for Windows.


Patch provides fixes and enhancements to Symantec Veritas Backup Reporter (tm) version 6.5.1 for Windows.


Name: NB_VBR_6.5.1.1.Windows.x86.README
Date: October 27, 2008

This Patch provides updates and fixes to Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR) software.


Before installing VBR, review the following items:

  -  You must install this VBR patch on VBR 6.5.1 release update. Upgrade to VBR 6.5.1 if you are on an earlier version.
     Consult the VBR 6.5.1 documentation for the procedure.      
     Note: If upgrade to VBR 6.5.1 from a previous version has failed, then you must restore the backed up copy of the VBR database before upgrading to VBR
     See Veritas Backup Reporter Administrator's Guide for instructions on restoring the database.
     However if your upgrade to VBR 6.5.1 has failed and you have applied the engineering fixes to fix the issues, you can install VBR without restoring the database.  

 -   When upgrading an existing installation, the VBR Management Server must be upgraded before the Agents or View Builder can be upgraded. Close the VBR Console before starting the server upgrade process.

  -  In case, the VBR components like VBR management server, VBR agents, and View Builder are installed on different machines, VBR patch must be installed on each of the machines separately.        

  -  Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) must be installed
     on Symantec Backup Exec Agent host on Windows platform. This is required for
     the agent module to work properly.                          
     The VC Redistributable Package (vcredist_x86.exe) is available at the following

 -  You must have Administrator rights to install VBR

 -  Review ET 1314419 under “Known Issues”.



The following product proliferations have been added in Veritas Backup Reporter :

1. VBR now supports Symantec Backup Exec 12.5.

This section contains known issues with this Patch that have not yet been fixed in Veritas Backup Reporter. These issues are likely to be fixed in future Patches or Release Updates for this version of Veritas Backup Reporter.

+ (ET 1283687) You may find that the total number of jobs displayed in the Summary Dashboard report is incorrect. This is because the Aggregation Level filter (under Success Rate Filter Options) in Summary Dashboard Report is applicable only for NetBackup data. However, the 'All Jobs Success Rate' value of Aggregation Level filter works for NetBackup and other supported products like Backup Exec, Tivoli Storage Manager etc.

+ (ET 1299190) Retention level is not associated with some jobs like Restore jobs, Image Cleanup jobs etc. For such types of jobs, the job expiration time is shown as Infinite Retention in VBR. This applies to jobs from all supported products like NetBackup, Backup Exec, Tivoli Storage Manager etc.

+ (ET 1314419) If you have reports which filter in policies and upgrade to VBR 6.5 from a previous version like VBR 6.2, these reports may no longer run and give an exception message such as "Value XYZ is not a valid value for this field" where XYZ is an integer number.
  This happens when you have duplicate policies in the VBR database. To resolve this issue, you must upgrade the VBR 6.2 database to using a manual database upgrade process.
  1. Take a backup of VBR 6.2 database.
      See Veritas Backup Reporter Installation Guide for specific instructions.
  2. Upgrade VBR 6.2 to VBR 6.5 GA without restoring the VBR database.
      See Veritas Backup Reporter Installation Guide for specific instructions.
  3. Install VBR 6.5.1.
      See Section IV of VBR 6.5.1 README - Installation Instructions for specific instructions.
  4. Install VBR
      See Section IV - Installation Instructions for specific instructions.
  5. Upgrade the VBR 6.2 database manually using DBUpgrade.bat.
      See Veritas Backup Reporter Installation Guide for specific instructions.

+ (ET 1302823) In Veritas Backup Reporter, the image count attribute of media data does not include index images. This is applicable to EMC NetWorker only.

+ (ET 1200550) Veritas Backup Reporter does not collect data from NBAC-enabled (NetBackup Access Control) NetBackup master servers on Windows.
  Note: You can configure the VBR agent to collect data from NBAC-enabled NetBackup master servers on Solaris platform.
  See the Veritas Backup Reporter 6.5 Administrator’s Guide for specific instructions.

+ (ET 1292058) If you stop only the VBR management server by stopping the VBR server service manually from the Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) or <INSTALL_DIR>\Symantec\Veritas Backup Reporter\Tools\net stop VBRServer command and then restart the VBR management server, you may find VxAM related exceptions in vbr-web.log file located in <INSTALL_DIR>\Symantec\Veritas Backup Reporter\Server\Logs.

  This issue has the following impact:
   In the VBR console if you go to Monitors > Alert and click on Alert Details, the following error is shown:
   Unable to connect to Alert Manager Server
   Because of the error, you are unable to view the alert details.
   vbr-web.log file does not get updated. vbr-web.log file is located in <INSTALL_DIR>\Symantec\Veritas Backup Reporter\Server\Logs in Windows.

   You must always use <INSTALL_DIR>\Tools\vx_services_stop.vbs command to stop VBR management server on Windows. This command stops all Veritas Backup     Reporter services.

+ (ET 1268673) You may not be able to sort cost reports in ascending/descending order when the report content is more than one page.

+ (ET 1315407) The <INSTALL_PATH>\Tools\vx_services_stop.vbs command should stop all Veritas Backup Reporter services on Windows. But, it does not stop the database service (vxdbms service).

+ (ET 1260646) The vx_vxdbms_stop.vbs script fails to stop the database service (vxdbms service) on Windows.

+ (ET 1249788) When upgrading from VBR 6.2 to 6.5/6.5.1/, the old spooler files aren't converted or cleaned out.

+ (ET 1321367) The Drive Utilization and Drive Throughput reports show some other timeframe (and not the timeframe that you have selected) on the report.

+ (ET 1323515) View based filtering in Client Coverage report works only when the value of Filter At parameter is No Filter or Level 1. The Client Coverage report does not give accurate results when you select any other level like Level 2 in the Filter At drop-down list and then select objects from the Select specific items list box

+ (ET 1321455) Refreshing saved Capacity Planning reports does not show the updated data for these reports.

+ (ET 1361890) In custom tabular reports, sorting does not work when an operation is applied to numerical data. However, sorting works fine when no operation is used.

+ (ET 1239732) The Media Retention Level is shown in seconds when the Report On parameter is 'Backup Media Retention Level' for any custom chart type report. However, if you run a custom tabular report which has Backup Media Retention Level    as one of the selected columns, the media retention level is properly displayed in days/hours.

+ (ET 1363697) Supply is shown incorrectly as zero in Capacity Planning reports when there is no media in Full capacity state. However, Supply is shown correctly in the Capacity Planning reports when there is at least one media in Full capacity    state.

+  (ET 1363710) If media of different capacity like 200 GB, 300 GB, and 400 GB are present in the same library, the values of Supply shown in Capacity Planning reports is incorrect.

+ (ET 1239732) The Media Retention Level is shown in seconds (and not in days/hours) when the Report On parameter is 'Backup Media Retention Level' for any custom chart type report. However, if you run a custom tabular report which has Backup Media Retention Level as one of the selected columns, the media retention level is properly displayed in days/hours/weeks etc.

+ (ET 1372345) For Drive Utilization and Drive Throughput reports, one of the filter options named Tape Library ID does not work. The Tape Library ID option should also be renamed as Tape Library Serial Number.

+ (ET 1372607) For Drive Utilization and Drive Throughput reports, if you select a specific media server like under    Filter Options and run the report, the report displays the following filter options on top:
  Filters: Library = All, Library =, Tape Drive = All, Library = , Disp = S (Shared) or D (Dedicated)”
  The reports should show Media = instead of Library.

+ (ET 1216800) You may get an ‘Out of memory’ error when exporting custom tabular reports in other formats like CSV.
  The following error message is shown:
  Exception in page: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

+ (ET 1375906) The Drive Utilization report shows incorrect values for partially successful and failed jobs. For example, if you run a Drive Utilization report for the last one month and there are some partially successful/failed jobs in the last one month, the Drive utilization report shows incorrect values for the partially successful and failed jobs.

+ (ET 1377427) In the Drive Utilization report, drives that are shared between two or more media servers should be displayed as "S" in the Disp column. However, on running the Drive Utilization report, shared drives are not shown as ‘S’ in the Disp column.

+ (ET 1375908) Exporting the Capacity Planning reports may result in a null pointer exception. This can happen if you are installing Veritas Backup Reporter for the first time, but already have NetBackup installed to back up data in your environment. In this scenario, if you choose a timeframe before VBR was installed to run the Capacity Planning reports and      then try to export the report, you may get a null pointer exception.
  However, if you enter a timeframe after VBR was installed to run the Capacity Planning reports, you should be able to export    these reports.

+ (ET 1421508) Object Merger functionality shows unexpected behavior under certain conditions. Media history information is incorrectly deleted when media or disk pool information is deleted. When media objects are merged, duplicate disk pool entries remain.


1) Download the file into a temporary directory,
2) Extract the file.
       Alongwith other files, this will create the following files:


To install the Patch on Windows:
 CAUTION: If applying the patch to the Server, both the Server
          and the Agent (if installed) will be stopped during
          the update.
 CAUTION: If applying the patch to the Agent, it will be stopped
          during the update.

 CAUTION: There is no way to reverse updates to the database once
          made. A database backup is recommended.

 NOTE: Any files being updated will be backed up into a zip file
       in the component's installation directory. The file name
       will include the time of the update. For example, if
       updating a server installed to the default location at
       3:10 PM on October 09, 2008, the following backup file is created.

       C:\Program Files\Symantec\Veritas Backup Reporter\Server\

 NOTE: There will be a prompt before any action is taken.

 NOTE: If a component is not detected correctly, its directory
       can be manually entered into locations.conf.  See that
       file for details.

 1. Run vbr-mp.exe.

 2. Follow the prompts, and choose 'y' when prompted to update
    each component.

Note: This will ONLY uninstall the Patch from your local machine.

To uninstall the patch on Windows:
CAUTION: Once the database has been updated, the server maintenance pack should not be uninstalled. If a database backup was
made, stop the server and restore it before
uninstalling the maintenance pack.

NOTE: The server should be stopped before uninstalling.


NOTE: The agent should be stopped before uninstalling.


1. Stop the main service for any component being uninstalled.


2. Replace files in the installation directory with those
backed up in the zip file.

This section contains the Patch conventions, content, and historical
content that is applicable to the release.

The following list describes the conventions used in the subsections that
following this section.  Each item listed in the Current Patch
subsection describes a feature, enhancement, or issue fixed with this

    Describes a particular problem contained in this pack.

** Description **  
    Describes a problem that can lead to potential data loss. Please
    read these problem descriptions carefully.

    Any available workarounds to a problem are also listed. Workarounds can be
    used INSTEAD of applying the patch, however, Symantec strongly recommends
    the "best practice" of being at the latest available patch level.

Additional Notes
    Any additional information regarding a problem is included.

Current Patch
Each item listed in this section describes a change
that comprises this Patch. Please read this section thoroughly to
understand the contents of this update.  

Etrack Incident 1388941
Associated Primary Etrack: 1403812

Rubicon showing on front page is confusing customers.
Etrack Incident 1389288
Associated Primary Etrack: 1389242
Titan cases: 281-403-954

Since upgrade to VBR 6.5.1, the agent only collects the first 500 pieces of media.
Etrack Incident 1398405
Associated Primary Etrack: 1398398
Titan cases: 320-083-418

OutOfMemory error while collecting Job (Error and Skipped File) data.
Etrack Incident 1398449
Associated Primary Etrack: 1377593

Advanced Success Rate Report (Graphical Version) is missing from VBR 6.5.1.
Etrack Incident 1398774
Associated Primary Etrack: 1369560
Titan cases: 220-347-343

Database purging does not always complete successfully.
Etrack Incident 1401171
Associated Primary Etrack: 1401169

Object Merger deletes the data from Image table.
Etrack Incident 1402324
Associated Primary Etrack: 1403830

Tape drive data transmission error and ASA error with 6.5.1 please confirm if data loss issue.
Etrack Incident 1403817
Associated Primary Etrack: 1368064
Titan cases: 291-013-913

Advanced Success - Detailed report failed job produces incorrect result when using the Relative date/time.
Etrack Incident 1403847
Associated Primary Etrack: 1378977

image data collection appear to be hung because of long running bperror.
Etrack Incident 1405627
Associated Primary Etrack: 1405626

ProcessTimeOut configuration is getting reset if agent configuration is changed from WebUI.
Etrack Incident 1405700
Associated Primary Etrack: 1405602
Titan cases: 281-410-856

Images tagged with Storage Lifecycle policy that use data classification fail with error A2030.
Etrack Incident 1412941
Associated Primary Etrack: 1282768

Count of Files Backed up and KB Backed up is double (or more) of reality in monitor > dashboards.

Terms of use for this information are found in Legal Notices.



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