VERITAS ODM 4.1 Maintenance Pack 2 Rolling Patch 2


VERITAS ODM 4.1 Maintenance Pack 2 Rolling Patch 2


VERITAS Oracle Disk Manager(ODM) 4.1 Maintenance Pack 2(MP2) Rolling Patch 2(RP2)

From README.125759-02:
(READMEs for Solaris 8 and 9 are contained in the TARBALL)

Patch-ID# 125759-02
Keywords: ODM 4.1MP2 VERITAS ODM Rolling Patch 02
Synopsis: VRTSodm 4.1MP2RP2: Rolling Patch 4.1MP2 RP2
Date: Sep/17/2008

Solaris Release: 10

SunOS release: 5.10

Unbundled Product: VERITAS ODM

Unbundled Release: 4.1MP2

Topic: ODM 4.1MP2 RP2 Multiple fixes patch

Relevant Architectures: sparc

BugId's fixed with this patch:

Changes incorporated in this version:

Patches accumulated and obsoleted by this patch:

Patches which conflict with this patch:

Patches required with this patch: 119305-03

Obsoleted by:

Files included with this patch:


Problem Description:

(1028535) FSONCALL(280-879-001): Why does ls -l stop working in 5.0 on odm filesystem type i.e /dev/odm
(1223724) with autofs, odm_commit() can panic and odm_create() can fail

(from 125759-01)
(803096) Can not create Oracle 10gR1 database on raw device with odm

Patch Installation Instructions:

For Solaris 7-9 releases, refer to the man pages for instructions
on using ''patchadd'' and ''patchrm'' scripts provided with Solaris.
Any other special or non-generic installation instructions should be
described below as special instructions.  The following example
installs a patch to a standalone machine:
       example# patchadd /var/spool/patch/104945-02

The following example removes a patch from a standalone system:
       example# patchrm 104945-02

For additional examples please see the appropriate man pages.


Tarball instructions:

# cksum ODM_4.1_MP2_RP2_Sol.tar_311454.gz
2417144870      997887  ODM_4.1_MP2_RP2_Sol.tar_311454.gz

Directions for uncompressing and untarring:

# gunzip ODM_4.1_MP2_RP2_Sol.tar_311454.gz
# tar xvf ODM_4.1_MP2_RP2_Sol.tar_311454

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