Enterprise Vault (EV) Support for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007

Enterprise Vault (EV) Support for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007

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Only Enterprise Vault 8.0 includes a management pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007.  Veritas does not provide a management pack for SCOM 2007 for previous versions of Enterprise Vault.

Using SCOM to monitor Enterprise Vault

The Enterprise Vault Management Pack contains rules that enable SCOM to monitor critical Enterprise Vault events in the Application Event Log.

You must already have a working Microsoft SCOM installation before you can install the Enterprise Vault Management Pack.

It is also possible to use SCOM to monitor all the alerts that are on the Monitoring tab in Site Properties. To do so, you start by enabling the monitoring in Site Properties.

Those alerts are written as critical events to the Application Event Log. There are SCOM rules defined, and enabled by default, to monitor those same events in the Event Log.


Setting up monitoring for an Enterprise Vault server
This section assumes that you have some familiarity with SCOM administration. See the SCOM documentation if you need help with using SCOM.

To set up monitoring:

1.  Use the SCOM management console to add the SCOM monitoring agent to the Enterprise Vault server so that the server is Agent Managed.
2.  Import the Enterprise Vault Management Pack, as follows:
a.  On the Enterprise Vault server, start Windows Explorer and navigate to the SCOM subfolder of the Enterprise Vault program folder (normally C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\SCOM).
b.  Start the SCOM management console.
c.  Start the import wizard and import EnterpriseVault.xml. The wizard automatically converts the file to a MOM 2005 Backward Compatibility pack.
3.  Enable monitoring in the Enterprise Vault Administration Console, as follows:
a.  In the left pane of the Administration Console, right-click the vault site and, on the shortcut menu, click Properties.
b.  Click the Monitoring tab of Site Properties.
c.  Select the items for which you want to receive notifications.
d.  Click OK.
4.  In the SCOM management console, review the Enterprise Vault alerts and modify them as required.

Optional configuration
The Enterprise Vault SCOM Management Pack defines many rules for Enterprise Vault monitoring, some of which are enabled by default and some of which are disabled. Review the rules and enable or disable as required.

Note that some SCOM rules concern events that are themselves enabled by the Enterprise Vault Administration Console. In the case of these events, they must be enabled in the Administration Console.

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