BUG REPORT: nbrb will loop for multiple copy jobs if it receives an invalid job type.


BUG REPORT: nbrb will loop for multiple copy jobs if it receives an invalid job type.


Bug: 1296912

If nbrb receives an invalid job type when running multiple copy jobs, the process will loop consuming excessive amounts of memory and CPU.  Administrators will need to manually kill the nbrb process in order to recover from this issue.

This problem occurs when a policy for a database extension backup (DB2, Informix, Oracle, SAP, SQL-Backtrack, SQL-Server, Sybase, or Teradata) is accidentally miss configured to request Multiple Copies for schedules of type Automatic instead of (or in addition to) schedules of type Application Backup.  

bppllist output for the policy will show that Multiple Copies is unnecessarily configured on the Automatic schedule (e.g. ScheduleA), causing nbrb to allocate multiple sets of resources for a schedule type that is only used to execute a backup script.  Configuring Multiple Copies is valid on the Application schedule (e.g. Dbbackup) because it receives and stores the backup image from the client.

Policy Type: Oracle (4)
Schedule: ScheduleA
Type: FULL SObk (0)
Number Copies: 2   <-------  THIS IS THE PROBLEM
Schedule: DBbackup
Type: UBAK Obak (2)
Number Copies: 2

Log File Example:
When nbrb attempts to allocate the resource resources for ScheduleA the following RBErrorInfo:  errorStatus=2005010 messages are logged:

10:53:02.940 [EMMProvider::allocateMany] no copies could be allocated: errorStatus=(RBErrorInfo: errorStatus=2005010)
10:53:02.940 [EMMProvider::allocateMany] <DROPOUT PHASE> - before mediaallocation: errorStatus=(RBErrorInfo: errorStatus=2005010)
10:53:02.940 [EMMProvider::allocateMany] <DROPOUT PHASE> - after mediaallocation: errorStatus=(RBErrorInfo: errorStatus=2005010)
10:53:02.940 [AllocationAccumulator::deallocateAll] number of allocations = 0
10:53:02.940 [AllocationAccumulator::deallocateAll] number of allocations = 2

Then, nbrb will loop continuously on the following:

10:53:02.945 [RBActionEvaluator::evaluateRBStatus] incoming errorStatus=(RBErrorInfo: errorStatus=2005010)
10:53:02.945 [RBActionEvaluator::evaluateRBStatus] outgoing errorStatus=(RBErrorInfo: errorStatus=2005010)

Modify the policy and disable the unneeded Multiple Copies for the Automatic schedule (e.g. ScheduleA).  Having Multiple Copies configured for the Automatic schedule in this type of policy does not have a practical purpose because the schedule does not write any backup images to tape or disk storage.  If Multiple Copies of the backup images for this policy are desired, that configuration must occur on the Application Backup schedule.

Schedule: ScheduleA
Type: FULL SObk (0)
Number Copies: 1
Schedule: Dbbackup
Type: UBAK Obak (2)
Number Copies: 2

If the workaround noted is not feasible, please apply the appropriate release update to resolve this issue.

ETA of Fix:
The formal resolution to this issue (Etrack 1296912) is included in the following patch releases:
  • NetBackup 6.0 Maintenance Pack 7 (MP7)
  • NetBackup 6.5 Release Update 3 (6.5.3)
These releases are available at the Support Web site at:

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