Clean up script for windows nodes after a failed uninstallation of CommandCentral Storage (CCS) 5.0MP1-RP3, 5.0MP1-RP2, 5.0MP1-RP1, 5.0MP1, 5.0RP1, 5.0, 4.3 or 4.2FP1 versions.

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Clean up script for windows nodes after a failed uninstallation of CommandCentral Storage (CCS) 5.0MP1-RP3, 5.0MP1-RP2, 5.0MP1-RP1, 5.0MP1, 5.0RP1, 5.0, 4.3 or 4.2FP1 versions.

Error Message

Failed uninstallation of CommandCentral Storage application on a Windows Node leaves files, registry entries and services behind.


Guidelines regarding the CommandCentral Storage (CCS) 5.0 Kit installation\Total_Cleanup utility Script
For upgrade installation always use a local copy of the Kit. Do not use a kit from shared/mapped location.
If not upgrading, before installing a new kit makes sure you use the system Add/Remove Programs (ARP) panel to uninstall the installed CCS product.
If CCS uninstall fails, only then use the Total_Cleanup utility.
Total_Cleanup utility is only for windows and this article does not apply to another Operating System
Download the complete Total_Cleanup zip file ( below to a temporary directory on the local machine, extract using full stored paths and double click on the CCSCleanup.bat which asks the administrator the install directory path for non-default CCS installations. The script then opens up command windows as it uninstalls the packages, deletes directories, registry entries, services, etc. It then recommends to restart the host.
Never try to uninstall installed CCS products using Total_Cleanup utility.
This utility should only be used for the failed uninstallation scenario or to make sure nothing is left behind post uninstallation.
If an administrator sees any left behind services in Windows Services Panel then running Total_Cleanup as described below and restarting the machine as recommended by the Total_Cleanup utility will remove the services.
What does the Total Cleanup Script do?
The Total Cleanup performs the following tasks:
1. It removes traces of CCS versions 4.2FP1, 4.3, 5.0 DCAP, 5.0 DCAP Patch,5.0 GA,5.0RP1, 5.0MP1, 5.0MP1-RP1, 5.0MP1-RP2 and 5.0MP1-RP3 for a failed or rolled back installation.
2. It supports both 32 and 64 bit systems.
3. It removes all the CCS packages associated with Management Server, Managed Host and Agent Push Install.
4. It prompts the user providing an option to remove the shared program components VTRSjre, VxPBX, VRTSlic, VRTSobc, VxMS and VRTSicsco.
5. it runs uninterrupted to complete the removal of any code remaining after a failed uninstall through the ARP panel.
6. It prompts the Administrator to complete the process.
To properly run the utility:
Run CCSCleanup.bat in a DOS window from the directory drv:\<extract folder>\Cleanup
The script then places output to the console of the Dos window.
C:\Temp\cleanup\cscript .\Sources\CCSCleanup.vbs BAT_CLICK ""
Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.7
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
************************ WARNING *********************************************
 This Script uninstalls all CommandCentral Storage packages,removes files,
 folders, deletes registries/Add-Remove Entries/Services etc.
32-bit OS
Are you sure,you want to proceed with cleanup (y/n) ?
Proceeding with Cleanup...
The default CCS installation directory is C:\Program Files\VERITAS\
If you have installed CCS on an alternate path then enter the install directory here ( ending with backslash), otherwise hit enter:
Note: tap the <Enter> key
You will see a popup window asking for confirmation on whether you wish to uninstall shared components.
Note: Care should be taken if any other Veritas products using the components are installed.
The Dos window will proceed without further interaction through the components popping up separate windows as it proceeds and providing feedback on the screen as to the steps performed and the versions checked.
The steps performed will be
Uninstalling Management Server MSI through the Product GUID...
Uninstalling Managed Host MSI through the Product GUID...
Uninstalling Push Install MSI through the Product GUID...
Uninstalling Miscellaneous MSIs through the Product GUID...
Note: assumes a yes answer to the last popup shown above
Killing all CCS running processes on the machine...
Deleting services from the Service Panel...
Cleaning up Windows Installer entries...
Deleting CCS folders from Installation Directory C:\Program Files\VERITAS\
Deleting CCS Shared folders...
Deleting CommandCentral Storage registry entries...
All CCS Registries deleted.
Deleting CommandCentral Storage Add\Remove Panel entry...
Add\Remove Panel entry deleted.
Note: A popup requesting permission to Reboot the machine will occur
the DOS box will request acknowledgment to close the script
Press Enter to exit script...
Note: tap the <Enter> key




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