Device Driver Installation Package 6.1 (DDI-6.1) for Veritas Storage Foundation (tm) (SFW) 4.3 MP1 (Maintenance Pack) and MP2 for Windows


Device Driver Installation Package 6.1 (DDI-6.1) for Veritas Storage Foundation (tm) (SFW) 4.3 MP1 (Maintenance Pack) and MP2 for Windows


DDI-6.1 is the current package, please read the README located inside the download package for up-to-date information about this package, installation instructions and included fixes.

New additions to this DDI package:

In addition to the arrays that were supported by DDI 5.x and earlier DDI packages, and by earlier releases of VSFW, DDI 6.1 provides the following:
DMP DSM Support for the 3PAR Inserv Storage Servers Arrays (E200, S400, S800)

All DSMs in this SFW 4.3 DDI 6.1 package are not signed by Microsoft.

General Notes:

This DDI package requires that Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows 4.3 MP1 (VSFW 4.3 MP1) or Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows 4.3 MP2 (VSFW 4.3 MP2) be installed.

At the time of this DDI package release, this package contains all the fixes for known issues concerning SFW DMP DSMs since the release of SFW 4.3. It is recommended that this SFW DMP DDI 6.1 package be applied to any system that has installed DMP DSMs.  

Note: The DMP DSMs in this DDI package overwrite any previously installed DMP DSMs or previously installed DMP private fix.

All DMP DSMs in this package have the version number Do not apply this DDI package if your system contains a DMP DSM private fix that has a version number greater than version (e.g. 5.0.10n.n where n is greater than zero).

This DDI package supports the following storage arrays:

- EMC Symmetrix 8000 Series
- EMC Symmetrix DMX Series
- EMC CLARiiON CX Series (CX200, CX300, CX400, CX500, CX600, CX700)
- EMC CLARiiON CX-3 Ultrascale Series Arrays
- Hitachi TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform (USP100, USP600, USP1100)
- Hitachi TagmaStore Network Storage Controller (NSC55)
- Hitachi TagmaStore Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS200, AMS500, AMS1000)
- Hitachi TagmaStore Workgroup Modular Storage (WMS100)
- Hitachi 9500V Thunder Series
- Hitachi 9900 Lightning Series (9900 and 9900V)
- Hitachi SANRISE9900V (SANRISE9970V, SANRISE9980V)
- Hitachi SANRISE2000 (SANRISE2200, SANRISE2800)
- HP StorageWorks XP128 Disk Array
- HP StorageWorks XP256 Disk Array
- HP StorageWorks XP1024 Disk Array
- HP StorageWorks XP10000/XP12000 Disk Array
- HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA4000, EVA6000, EVA8000)
- HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA3000, EVA5000) Active/Active
- HP StorageWorks Modular Storage Arrays (MSA1000, MSA1500) Active/Active
- IBM System Storage N3000/N5000 Series (N3700, N5200, N5500)
- IBM TotalStorage DS4000 Series (DS4200, DS4700, DS4800)
- IBM TotalStorage DS6000 Series
- IBM TotalStorage DS8000 Series
- IBM TotalStorage ESS800/ESS750
- Network Appliance F800 Series
- Network Appliance FAS200 Series (FAS250, FAS270)
- Network Appliance FAS900 Series (FAS920, FAS940, FAS960, FAS980)
- Network Appliance FAS3000 Series (FAS3020, FAS3050)
- Network Appliance NearStore Series
- Network Appliance V-Series (GF980c, GF960c, V3050c, V3020c, GF270c)
- Nihon Unisys SANArena 2200 Series (SANArena 2200 and 2800)
- Sun StorEdge SE9900 Series (StoreEdge SE9910 and SE9960)
- Sun StorEdge SE9900V Series (StoreEdge SE9970V and SE9980V)
- Sun StorEdge SE9990 Series
- Sun StorageTek 6000 Series (6130, 6140, 6540)
- Sun StorageTek FlexLine 300 Series Storage Systems (FLX380)
- 3PAR Inserv Storage Servers Arrays (E200, S400, S800)

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