LiveUpdate reports an error "Cannot open user default database. Login failed. Login failed for user 'Domain Name\Username'."

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LiveUpdate reports an error "Cannot open user default database. Login failed. Login failed for user 'Domain Name\Username'."

Error Message

Cannot open user default database. Login failed . Login failed for user 'Domain Name\Username'.


This error message generally comes up when the Service Account being used does not have access to the Backup Exec Database (BEDB), because the Backup Exec Service Account has changed since Backup Exec was initially installed.   The Service Account that is entered during the initial installation or upgrade of Backup Exec is the logon account that the Backup Exec Services startup under (except for the Remote Agent) and is also the System Logon Account that shows at Network>Logon Accounts. (Figure 2)

Figure 2

For Backup Exec to function properly, the System Logon Account and the Backup Exec Services should be running under the same account that has full Administrative Rights to the local machine.  In addition this account needs to be granted access to the Backup Exec Database per the following steps

1.Go to the <Drive Name>:\Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec directory (default location) and double-click on BEUtility (Figure 3)

Figure 3

2. Click on the "Yes"  button on the dialog box. (Figure 4)

Figure 4

3. Expand Known Computers, right-click on All Media Servers, select New Media Server, enter the name of the media server, and click OK . If the media server name already shows up after clicking 'All Media Servers', skip this step and proceed to step no 4.

4.In the right window pane, select the Backup Exec Media Server, and then click "Change Database Access" under the Database Tasks (Figure 5)

Figure 5

5.Enter the Service Account name in the "User name" field  and the Domain Name in the "Domain"  field. (Figure 6)

Figure 6

6. To use a local account, enter the local machine name in the Domain field. Backup Exec Utility uses the local machine name if the field is left blank.

7. Select Grant access.

8.Click OK.

9.After clicking on the "OK" button, the Operation Progress dialog box appears indicating that the Service Account has been granted access to the BEDB database.(Figure 7)

Figure 7

10.After the operation completes, click Close. Select the File | Exit menu option to close BEUtility.


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