Enterprise Vault (EV) File System Archiving (FSA) Placeholders are recalled with PGP Desktop installed.

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EV Placeholders are recalled with PGP Desktop installed.


When Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Desktop is installed on the computer accessing a folder that contains Placeholders, all of the Placeholders are recalled.
This is caused by PGP's Desktop File Encryption which has to scan the file headers when trying to show an icon on encrypted files.
Running a DTrace of the EV PlaceholderService on the file server will show that   PID 4 is performing the recall of the Placeholders, PID 4 is the SYSTEM Process which CANNOT be excluded using the ExcludedExes registry string value per https://www.veritas.com/docs/HOWTO58326.
Unregister the ' pgpfsshl.dll'
  • Click on 'Start' -> 'Run' then type the following:
  • regsvr32 /u "C:\Windows\system32\PGPfsshl.dll"

This issue has also been seen in PGP version 10.2 MP4 (10.2 build 2526).
The pgpfsshl.dll is the dll responsible for showing the netshare overlay icons and explorer context menu on encrypted files. To determine whether a file is encrypted it has to scan the file header (i.e. open and recall the file). If Netshare is not in use then the .dll may be un-registered without any issues for PGP.
The easiest way to check this is in PGP Desktop go to Help > License and see if Netshare has a checkmark on it. If it does have a checkmark, open PGP Desktop and click on PGP Netshare to see if there are regularly accessed Netshares.

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